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  1. The thing in the trees looks like a giant merm...
  2. its here

    I haven't encountered a single bug except for in multiplayer using your friends navigation system accesses your ships navigation system and trying to go to another planet with someone else's ship causes yours to be stuck in FTL for ever. So don't do that!
  3. its here

    Oh, and it is. so much fun...
  4. its here

    Alright, NOW I have the game. But my internet died and now it's taking 3 hours to download instead of 5 seconds. Yayyyyyy
  5. its here

    Whoops, I was thinking of the wrong game. I was thinking of edge of space, I don't actually have the game... Edge of space is also really similar to terraria. Sorry.
  6. Xjurwi's SmartButt List

    Woah. When did you change your avatar? It was different a few seconds ago...
  7. its here

    I've got starbound, it's pretty good. I like it because it feels like terraria but very sci-fi, and the materials you can build with look pretty damn good.
  8. An Update on Don’t Starve

    Personally, I think some DLC is a bad idea. This should just be content, not some random crap that we need to pay for! I still love klei, but this new roadmap kind of surprised me. I hope the new characters come soon tho, after Woodie came, the unreleased characters seem so much more exiting.
  9. A Message to Maxwell

    I was just watching the whole time.*Muahahaha*
  10. Art dump

    This is inspiring. Really, really great. - - - Updated - - - This is inspiring. Really, really great. - - - Updated - - - This is inspiring. Really, really great.
  11. Nice to see a story with ol' Woodie in it, will we be seeing more of him?
  12. Interesting idea... I might join this thread sooner or later.... [Edit] Slugs.
  13. The Beyond Breaks Free! (Interest/Application thread)

    Alright,I have an idea for a character from earth, but I need to ask: is this based in the future, and if not, could we still use robots similar to Wx78?
  14. Ctrl+v