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  1. For now, Ill just post some drawings/sketches from my DS Askblog Under spoilers for space reasons
  2. omf X3 thank you both. I'll defiantly make more!
  3. Well ive been gone for a while :/ woops. I got caught up in real life. Have some Wilson Willow feels On Tumblr To everyone that had a request, apologies but i wont be able to complete them.
  4. Okay because of the new information my delightful headcanon is maybe a little shot up. I still they banter. because cutie pies. Lovely assistant Charlie anyone?
  5. Some Young Maxwell and Charlie. I can imagine them being fairly close in their youth and being a bit of a rag tag pair of mischief makers and smart ass'. "Well look what the cat dragged in""Oh Mr Maxwell, I do believe my bosom is endanger of heaving" Something like that. I may do a comic with them.
  6. Im not going to be doing any more requests for a while since class has started up again and i haven't been to well lately.till then im just going to stick to the occasional fan art.
  7. As humorous as the idea is, I do believe Adrian isn't as fond of it as he is in fact Irish, not Scottish ^.^
  8. ahem >.> squidman And Wilson on a Koalaphant :3
  9. A picture i did for Adrian's blog that im quite proud of ^.^ I swear everytime i draw him he gets more hair.... As for the Requests: Ill have them all up within the next few days! pardon the wait, classes and life are a pain.
  10. a Tatzelwurm for Symage :3 I may do a tortoise too, because the thought of Wilson attempting to ride it amuses me.
  11. The Quiet? I'm guessing you must be best friends with Wes that could become a possibility. People do tend to group with similar people in times of need.and i hadn't thought of that! Ill defiantly have to do that.
  12. Interesting. Ill see what i can do! it may take a day or so, because real life obligations. Absolutely!
  13. Thank you! I try my best!I can do requests. What did you have in mind?
  14. Because Don't Starve art is fun! First Sketches of Wilson a Past Midnight drawing (also called "why shouldnt colour without my glasses") And my OC, Adrian Wren O'Shea I hope to draw and upload more soon.