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  1. any one know how to merge mods? just wondering cause if i start a server it would good to know to lower the amount of mods used, plus most will likely be character mods.
  2. i reinstalled every thing i went in and deleted what didn't uninstall highly doubt it. plus i did try multiple combinations and even slowly added it all stopped at 106. i have yet to try @PeterA suggestion but i think id have to merge mods if i really want to go over 106 mods.
  3. it looks like local play does not like over 106 i might need to try what @PeterA suggested or learn how to merge mods to try bypass this problem
  4. well this is interesting to say the least i'm going to reinstall every thing and see if i get this error cause its saying: Did not find the ugc handle in the cache. This is likely because you're subscribed to a non-existent file
  5. i don't know where to find logs but i get this any time i go over 106
  6. well if there is a limit i need to learn how to merge mods if i want to use all the mods i want to =/
  7. understandable but i'm getting no lag and every mod combo iv tried so far stops at 106.
  8. i didn't really know if this post would fall under bugs so i'm posting here. i'm testing this out and i'm only able to use 106 mods and if you ask why i need so many it's cause i like variety, but back to the topic. is there really a mod limit or have i found some kind of bug.
  9. um is there spose to be a random chance of king kong sized waldo cause hes that big on one of my saves
  10. maby you should ad a living log tiki that scares hostile mobs away