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  1. I'm not sure if anyone would agree with me but being not able to save progress during adventure mode is greatly reducing the fun of this game. The frustration I get from having my hours of days of progress completely deleted for a death is devastating enough for me to stop playing it. I hope there will be a saving mechanism in the future.
  2. I doubt if anyone with a life would play this game so carefully and so devoting that he/she will make it to the end after several deaths. I mean, I enjoy playing games, but I don't have a lot of time for gaming every week. When I play a game, I don't expect all my hours of fun and sense of achievement suddenly turn into a great frustration. When I die in this game I feel very angry (I don't think a computer game is supposed to do that. Anyone agree?). I feel like this game cost me so many hours and at the end it failed to entertain me. Moreover it left me unhappy after playing it. All I wanna say is, this game was fun until I die and I'm back to zero, I don't feel like to start over again so this game is temporarily over for me and I might or might not play this game ever again. I hope the developers will implement some sort of saving mechanism because in my opinion in order to improve the gaming experience, the factor of such HUGE frustration must be eliminated.