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  1. Beefalo Sounds and Caves

    Removed the 'Complete Your Map' mod and resolved the problem! Oddly enough it was causing the problem regardless of it being enabled. Apologies for taking up space :S
  2. I've tested this with and without mods, and I only play alone. Basically if you generate the server world with caves, beefalo make no noise (including roars, when fighting, walking, etc) at all. As far as I can tell beefalo are the only ones this happens to. If caves are not spawned there is no problem at all. I'm playing the New Reign beta on Windows 7. Log attached. I'll provide any other info/logs on request.
  3. Reign of Giants: Your Discoveries

    A couple things I've noticed with about 30 minutes or so of playage. 1. Acorns (from the new trees) are OP as hell. They seem to restore a LOT of hunger and health, perhaps even around the level of some meats. 2. Careful in the deserts, they have a lot of wolf-spawners, in my current world especially near gold nodes. 3. Moles also seem like easy food. 4. What are the point of buzzards/vultures? I'm guessing the intended mechanic is they attack when you're low health, but even at half health (as Wes) they didn't come at me. Without this danger they're just some annoying birds. 5. Is it just me or are there more Maxwell biomes? This could just be my world but I've run into easily 3-4 within the first week of exploring. Seems a little OP considering how valuable gears are supposed to be, which becomes an even bigger problem when the aforementioned wolf-spawners will clear out the biome leaving 5-7 gears for you to freely pick up. 6. There appears to be a new wetness mechanic. I think I've started in Autumn so not alot of rain, but it should be an interesting challenge. 7. Going back to buzzards, they seem a bit buggy in terms of how they appear on the screen. I'll submit an actual bug report for this one, though. All in all it's interesting so far, although I'm wondering how much the new stuff will hold up after the newness wears off.
  4. I'm gonna go with Wilson. Call me old fashioned, but I got a soft-spot for the first survivor and his lines are, imo, some of the best.
  5. I know how to make programs that do math in Java.That means I can help right!?!?!?Seriously though, I wish you guys the best of luck even if I can't help myself :3
  6. Shot in the dark, maybe the files are stored in your Chrome folder? Look around in there.