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  1. Part 5 & 6 for your viewing pleasure! It's spider killing time!!
  2. Part 4 - Were tooled up and ready for War as we head off to the Beefalo camp but it turns out we get a bit more action than expected! All feedback/comments are greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  3. Part 3 is now up!
  4. Thanks! Will hopefully be making thumbnails for each character when i do a play through with them.
  5. Thanks thats my channel logo :)Here is the full thumbnail that i use on my videos
  6. These are absolutely brilliant!! Love them great work!
  7. So im making a youtube playthrough and wanted to create my own image of Wilson for the thumbnail. Im not great at illustrations but wanted to give it ago in illustrator using one of the Don't Starve images as a template.The full picture includes a moon and some scenery but for Wilson heres what I came up with...
  8. Here's part 2 for your perusal
  9. Hi All, Currently doing a gameplay series of Don't Starve on my Youtube Channel, part 3 is coming up tonight. Check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks