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  1. In no particular order: 1.New layers for science and magic. Removing the third layer made it much too easy to be able to make all the science items in the game, and the extreme effort it takes to make the shadow manipulator means you won't have one for the longest time. Ideal for a third tier, but there's no middle ground, and it feels weird. 2.New characters. I hope we get an 'original' character, rather than just a bundle of the unimplemented ones. I'm just not much of a fan of the unimplemented characters, don't know why. 3.More challenge presets, or perhaps a challenge mode in which your goal is to survive through several challenge worlds, a la adventure mode, however there is no end to it. I quite like the adventure mode maps, so seeing more stuff like that would be fun. 4.Vanity! I'm a very vanity-minded person in games, and I love having clothing and other knick-knacks with little purpose other than making your game be more personalized. More luxurious, real world clothing, like the dapper vest and top hat, would be great. Or, for instance, furniture. I don't know why but it's bugged me since day 1 that Wilson & friends are stuck standing on their feet all the time, and their bases are never furnished. Furnishings make sense for someone being forced to make this land their home, and it could potentially provide a sanity boost when being used. 5.Pets! New little animals to capture and keep would be awesome. Plus, the rabbits are adorable, non? It would be awesome to be able to tame one by feeding it a carrot in your inventory, so you can have it wandering around being all friend-like rather than sitting in a chest where it won't run away. Perhaps you could name rabbits and caged birds? A person in a survival situation certainly doesn't mind companions. 6.Improvements to the dialogue. No more generic, shared lines between characters! 7.A second tier of chest. The eventuality of having an army of chests and having to hunt through all your items for one bit of kit adds nothing. 8.Something to trap those batilisks. I hate them. With a passion. 9.A cursor. I dunno why, but I just would really like a little brown cursor that fits in, and let's me get into the game a little better. 10.Character unlocks. The addition of Wes requiring finding him made me hopeful for an overhaul to character unlocks. The experience system is rather basic and you'll have the entire bunch in a few runs of the game. Perhaps you could complete special, themed challenges to unlock a character? For instance, a fire based challenge must be completed before you get Willow. This would give us more to do in the game, and would give much more substantiality to getting a character. Now I'll indulge in my extremely fanciful ideas, which I hold no pretentions that they are easy or likely to be done: 1.A house. People have wanted this for about forever, and I do as well. I've always wanted to live in that delightful little hovel Wilson dwelled in in the origin trailer, and all of us have been jealous of those pigs and their houses, housing it up all over the place. Let me in! I have two ideas how this could work. The first is rather absurd, but I imagine a sort of first person view. Not one in motion mind. I think the best simile is that one horror, browser game, the House, where you click around the environment, and click to go to a different room and stuff. You could have separate rooms for all your stuff, like a laboratory, or a kitchen, and furnishings (sorry, more vanity stuff ) The second idea, and a much more do-able one, is to have the house be a 'portal', like the sinkhole. It would then be bigger inside and play like the rest of the dimensions, except, y'know, more housey. To keep people from spending all day inside, make the house unsafe in ways. Have spiders creep in. Have the hosue be creepy (Being alone in a hosue is EXTREMELY creepy, especially at night). Have hallucinations be more intense, standing at the windows, etc. 2.A character creator. Again, I said fanciful, unlikely ideas. The ability to select a boy or girl, have some different hairstyles, head shapes, clothing kits, etc, would be awesome, and circumvent the character selection growing stale. 3.Devices! We're a scientist, and scientists tend to invent to make life easier. For instance, what about a machine that autoshovels logs, charcoal, or other flammables to kindle your fire for you? I don't expect any of these ideas to be implemented in this DLC, but I certainly would love seeing some of this stuff implemented. And uh, sorry if this post is absurdly lengthy.
  2. I've been trying out this mod, and it's really, really good! Wilson's never looked better. If I can make a suggestion though, I don't think you did the beard too. It looks a little bit weird mixing that high resolution texture and it having such a low res blurry texture on it. Other than that, perfect, and I can't wait for other characters (and maybe more HD stuff after that)!