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  1. I've got like, tonnes of ideas for this game - as I'm sure we all do. Plant growing germs, paint, water treatment plant, drains, rework of the plumbing system, gravitas zombies... list goes on. For automation however! I think there needs to be a few more tools in the basket before release. 1. Dupe Rally Point (Automation. Building). When the signal is active, nearby dupes are drawn to the device. You can toggle all dupes or select certain dupes to be affected (similar to a door). Has a limited but rather large range. Possibly works off 'room' logic. Can be used to 'call in' dupes during a meteor shower. Can be used to 'evacuate' a room if there is a germ breach. Can be used to 'kite' dupes to certain areas whether to be for work, amazing races, slaughter pits (i don't know.) Actually scratch that, I'm thinking this could be a 'smart' door. When active it tells dupes to run through the door or blocks certain dupes from going through. 2. Signal Counter Sensor (Automation. Building). Produces an active signal when a certain amount of active signals have been sent. This has two inputs (a reset) and an output. Similar to a memory toggle. It has a number represented on it that incrementally goes up and you chose when the active signal is on. Being a building, it can't be placed behind objects. This is because of the counter display. Counts up to 99. Players will probably daisy chain them to create arrays to count higher than 99. Can be used to count dupes leaving an area. Can be used to 'measure' the flow of a pipe or vent. (If it detects fluid or gas for each tick it will go up). Can be used to count days with a clock sensor. You might d/c power to or unlock doors for a geyser. These two items would add great value and allow a lot more creative options for automating. Chur.
  2. I'm experiencing the same bug too. Toggling the automation overlay will restore the visuals. I also have no idea how to recreate the issue... Attached the save file. Space Rock Seven.sav