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  1. 84. You can kill anything with enough whacks of a flimsy flint-on-a-stick and dodging...and you never run out of breath.85. You can kill bees, flies and butterflies with a spear.
  2. Giving this thread a bump and a little love while waiting for an update
  3. It seems like Wilson has recovered his sanity! ...FOR NOW.Can't wait for the next installment!
  4. Can I bump this thread? I hope so. More people should get to read this.
  5. And let the zaniness continue! Can't wait to see Wilson's next reactional entries XD
  6. A wild Zubat appeared! A wild Zubat attacks! Another wild Zubat attacks! Another--ohmygodRUN
  7. No Beefalos.

    Feed pigs vegetables and they will poop, or find the Koalephant and keep it nearby. It poops like a Beefalo does.
  8. And so the plot thickens...intriguing. Intriging indeed!I got a kick out of reading Wilson's war with the Spider Queens, having dealt with several that all decided to grace themselves. It was a play session that ended in many dead spiders and an accidental forest fire.
  9. Licked to death by a frog while recovering from an ill-prepared assault on a tier-3 spider nest.
  10. My little island

    What do you do when the pigs hit that time of month? Not snarky, genuinely curious. I've camped near some pig houses but there always seems to be someone caught outside...or maybe they're coming out on their own to maul me.
  11. Rocks/stones. One can never have enough rocks...
  12. Nerf rabbits...

    Never said you needed to; it's up to playstyles and availability of meat creatures. My first few worlds spawned me really far away from anything that would drop bigger meat; I didn't see a single beefalo. So rabbits were a good stable food source. Later on, monster meat in crock pots too. If so, I'd take that possibility over nerfing rabbit spawn rates or meat quality. It's something that I think would be reasonable should a nerf be implimented. That is only my opinion of course.
  13. Nerf rabbits...

    I don't think rabbits need a nerf, personally--once you've gotten a good foothold in the game you'll move onto different food sources. And if you want to spam rabbit morsels till the end of time, well, you should be allowed to play that way.What would be interesting is if the rabbits needed to be harvested within a certain time or they'd gnaw through and destroy durability on the trap significantly--say, leaving a rabbit in a trap for a day would cause X amount of durability damage, and after two or three days of being ignored the rabbit would escape and you'd lose the trap.
  14. Your favorite character?

    Wilson and Willow...Willow because the fire immunity helps with my sometimes haphazard playstyle. Spiders? Spider queen dens? BURN EVERYTHING. ALL THE THINGS.