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  1. Learning from some good tips, and continuing on.
  2. Thanks for the big tips Kraken121, you're tips I'm sure will help as I continue my journey. I appreciate it!
  3. Getting frustrated with Reign of Giants...
  4. We battle on in this harsh world of Reign of Giants.
  5. Found some new goodies in the RoG DLC! Exciting.
  6. New mobs, chester, and beaver rampage! Yup, episode 3 was awesome!
  7. Episode 9 - Rage Quit Episode 7 - Holy Pig Snouts We finally catch a break and find an extra life. Episode 6 - Dance with the Reaper Episode 5 - Wigfrid, to Battle! In this episode we unlock a new character! Episode 4 - Gold N' Statues In this episode we finally get the ball rolling with some gold, marble, and a few surprise goodies! Episode 3 - Birchnut Treeguards! We run into a new type of mob, we find chester, and also go on a Beaver Rampage! Episode 2 - Don't Whiz on the Electric Goat. Freakin' even the goats are deadly. Bastards... Don't Starve: Season 5 - Reign of Giants, Episode 1 - Life Amulet, Check! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Season 5 of Don't Starve! This season we explore all the new goodies in Reign of Giants. New Biomes, New Seasons, New Tech, and of course GIANTS!! Will be able to survive the this onslaught on terror and rewards! We'll have to find out. Enjoy! Intro & Outro: You can also follow me @: Google +: Facebook: Thank you everyone, and have a fantastic, AWESOME day! I have joined RPM Talent Network. If you w
  8. Starting a new post thread. Getting back into Don't Starve. After reading some tips and some forums posts, we are going to try again to conquer these bastard giants! Episode 12 - GOOOOLLLDDD! Episode 11 - Starting to setup a new base Episode 10 - Restarting in the season of Autumn.
  9. Infectum13 - Don't Starve: Season 4 - Bender!

    Stocking up and getting ready for Winter #2.
  10. Infectum13 - Don't Starve: Season 4 - Bender!

    Episode 8 In this episode we go over a To-Do list. Ensure our survival, and play some awesome new music! Enjoy!
  11. Infectum13 - Don't Starve: Season 4 - Bender!

    Back from GameBlast! Time for more Don't Starve. Enjoy!
  12. Infectum13 - Don't Starve: Season 4 - Bender!

    Highlights from GameBlast Marathon. Episode 6. Enjoy!