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  1. Maybe a little annoying to update so close to the new version with such a little change but I really wanted to clean up the mod page and did not really feel like sitting on the Light Flower changes since I would be doing that anyway.


    @SVGK, I don't think the new version will fix your problem but looking in to it I did become aware that I was totally neglecting the double and triple aspect of Light Flowers.

  2. i found a glitch, you can't pick light flowers that you planted.

    and the ones you plant don't give off light either.


    I don't see to have this problem, I have two questions:


    1. Is this happening only above ground, in a cave, or both


    2. Give me a list of other mods you are using.

  3. Hey man just wanted to say nice job with the mod and hope that it gets updated to the next update I personally like this idea and wanted to request it but you beat me to it :razz:

    Thanks, I really think this makes the gem items a lot more fun knowing that you can charge 'em back up. It took me awhile to figure out how to make it work, but it was really satisfying once I got there.

  4. Even though minerals grow in real life as well. Chemistry and science!

    Gold for example does not "grow" all the gold on earth was made by the last supernova before Sol was formed. What it does do is collect in nodes and veins as it is heated and cooled by all the tectonic activities.  Nice try though ;)

  5. What materials needed to make this compass. i disable it and play the game,but I do not see it on any of my tab :(

    1 Gold Nugget, 1 Papyrus in the survival tab -Wiki


    ...larger map reveal radius is a good idea too. Maybe you could add a hardcore mode where the map reveals only your current surroundings and only keeps things revealed if you search those areas while you have the compass equipped.


    ...combo of this and the map, where you have to craft a map and the game still plays in the background while you look at your map.

    I have been playing around with a lot of ideas, if I make any progress with them I will add multiple modes and option but so far I have only the current version.


    Things I don't plan on doing: I don't really want to add any more items or change the way the map works without the compass.  The goal of this mod is to give the compass more purpose by making exploring and uncovering the map less tedious.

  6. I think it would be really cool if you could build your own mining complex in your base. It would fit the theme of "plant stuff" even though it would be inorganic.

    Maybe like another world like the Cave but called the Mines and it is jam packed with boulders and such.  I am just resistant to the idea of regenerating stones, that just seems gross to me.

  7. Can you add a function that lets you plant gold for a gold vein, a rock for a sharp mine and nitre/flint for a smooth mine...


    Inorganic materials like that don't really fit the theme I am going with, especially since gold is already renewable by giving the pig king meat and eggs.


    Though that gives me an idea for a new mod. Medusa's Eye, turns enemies to boulders, What do you think?



    Add this to steam workshop eventually please o3o


    Oh dear, this might be a problem actually, as I don't have a steam account and therefore don't own Don't Starve on that account.  I will look into it but I have a feeling that's not going to work out, sorry. :(


    Is this going to prevent some people from being able to use my mod at all?

  8. @GreySloth: You've made few modifications on the mod page, is there something new in the code plz?


    Nothing significant has change in the code other then things to make it work for Nightmares, I believe I change thing on the mod page to be more clear about how it has been working.


    I should probably make the mod page a little more orderly, it's a bit of a mess now that I look at it.

  9. Maybe little OP but useful.

    I was thinking about nerfing it so that holding the compass makes your map revealing radius larger, but I would leave this version as a configurable option.


    Though there are already mods that increase the map reveal radius by default and to make it work for this mod I would likely have to just copy their code, so I am on the fence with this idea, especially because toggling the revealing radius in game is a lot harder then just changing it by default.


    EDIT:  After some attempts I don't think I can make that work so I will probably stick to the op version, but if anyone thinks they can get the reveal radius thing working feel free go for it.

  10. Nice mod,can you do the same things with repairing weapons with Flint please? It will be nice

    Thanks. The short answer to your question is no, sorry.  The long answer is the reason I made this mod is gems specifically can be hard to come by and don't last very long so I am too hesitant to use the gem based magic items so I made a way to use them indefinitely without just simply making them unlimited.  On the other hand weapons and armor do not have this problem so much, and I don't see much point to a repairing feature for them personally.  If you have flint just make a new spear, though I will be implementing an item that lets you turn junk like a spear at 3% into fuel for gem items.

    If you really want to have repairable weapons and armor and stuff please feel free to use my mod as an example so you can make it yourself, lua is a great place to start to learn programming.  Though I should mention I am a total n00b myself so I can't guarantee my coding is very good but it's a start.

  11. If it's possible, the ability to dig up reeds would be REALLY nice.


    Good mod btw! I abstained from playing the since the Nightmare update until now, since this mod just makes it so much more enjoyable for me :-)


    Open up the modmain.lua file in the moreplantables folder and change local digreeds = false to local digreeds = true


    Thanks, a lot! Probably for the best considering all the hotfixes that came out for this version. Lol.

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  12. It should work with Nightmare now, this is the first update that I did not add something significant, which might be a good thing I guess. If anyone has ideas for this mod I would love to hear them.

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  13. Nightmares good to go.


    I imagine this version should pretty much be backwards compatibale with the last few previous versions of Don't Starve but I can't be bothered to test that.  But feel free to try if your interested.

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