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    Thanks, it's great to hear that you like my mod.


    I like the idea of player created ponds but I feel it outside of the scope of this mod and a simple planting action.  I think it should require some more complicated ritual like Telelocator Focus, maybe creating some sort of Water Focus that is transformed into a pond.


    Thanks for the suggesting, its an interesting Idea but I don't know that I have what it takes to implement though.

    I think in this case a swarm is more scary than a big boss, and they are really a boss themselves, you will notice boss music plays while you fight them.

    Each ghost represents the spirit of someone you wronged by violating their resting place, but they only have a brief period of time they are able to get their revenge.  I don't know that a super XL monster ghost would fits with that theme.

  3. Just in time for Halloween... barely.


    John2022 made a suggestion for a mod like this a few months ago and I have been tinkering with it bit by bit for awhile.  I did not want to release this in a beta state, I wanted it to be as close to "finished product" as possible and I think I did get there.

  4. Somehow, Link breaks the Philosopher's Stone.No idea how, since I'm playing as Wilson, but that's my offender.


    As I suspected, Link also adds an "action" called recharge, even if you are not playing as him at the time and that confused my mod into thinking recharge meant something else.


    I fixed it now in 0.5 there should be no more confusion between names of things in the future... well except for the philosopher's stone, if another mod tries to add one, there will be problems, but will face them once we get there.

  5. I charged it up to 100%, quit my game and when I reloaded it, it had 0% charge.


    Now that one is on me. Sorry about that, Don't Starve apparently does not think I am very clever using finite uses backwards and basically would reset a full PS back to it's default, in this case zero.  I can fix that by telling the stone to save that it is full and remember that it is full on load.

    As for the other thing, I can't recreate and these things are usually like 99% bad mod interaction, but looking at my code there may have been some naming issues so I have fixed them and release a new version that may or may not fix the original problem. (but probably not.)

  6. I can't charge any of my gems. Earlier there wasn't animation of charging, but now it is, after which nothing happens. And after charging by philosopher's stone Willson tells *I can't do this*


    I need a list of mods you are using, and step by step explain what exactly you are doing with as much detail as posible, like what items you are using.

  7. Make a worm horn which triggers a worm attack in caves.


    Sorry for the delay, I got real busy all of the sudden.  I will work on this tomorrow, the excuse I am going to use is I wanted everyone to get a chance to fight Worms vanilla before I introduced the Worm horn.

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  8. Nice mod, could it be possible to put it in the config to have it so it has a set level of light rather than a sanity dependent one? I really enjoyed a similar mod that made it last forever and always stayed the same level of light.


    Sounds a little OP to easly give people that option but if you really want that there is a simple way, just find the line this section of code:

    local function getfuellevel(inst)    if inst.flameOn then        local observer = GLOBAL.GetPlayer()        if observer and observer.components.sanity then            if observer.components.sanity.inducedinsanity then                inst.components.fueled:SetPercent(1)            else                inst.components.fueled:SetPercent(1.01-observer.components.sanity.current / observer.components.sanity.max)                --print(1.01-observer.components.sanity.current / observer.components.sanity.max)            end            inst:DoTaskInTime(0.5, function() getfuellevel(inst) end) --this will continues to loop the function but can only do that will FlameOn is still true        end    endend


    and replace it with this:

    local function getfuellevel(inst)    inst.components.fueled:SetPercent(1)end

    And that way it will always be at full when you are close to it, like Maxwell's lights.

  9. wow.... i feel humbled, this is way better than my wilson mod. *clap clap clap* well done.

    Thanks, I am glad you like it. I think there can be something satisfying in gathering information and preparing for events in advanced knowing more precisely when they will happen, and I think it goes well with Wilson's theme. It could be called OP considering it's free and it makes things like the rainometer less useful but I think it adds a nice option in play style if you are looking for this kind of thing.

  10. So I have created a steam account Here but I still do not own Don't Starve.


    I am sad and a little scared to say that I do not play Don't Starve through legitimate means, I will happily purchase it one day but I can't do that now or any time soon. I would like to maintain full responsibility for my mods so I hesitate to let someone else upload them to the workshop for me but there is still no way I can do it myself that I have found.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

  11. ↑ Lol, sorry I sort of tried to imply that you should not go higher then 30, but have no countermeasure against anyone that wants to see the whole world come to life, because you know it was sort of cool right?

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  12. ↑ Thanks, that is probably the best complement a mod could get.  It is funny, I never actually made a Night Light legit before this mod because it seemed so pointless and expensive.  In fact the wiki says it is called "Most Useless Item Ever" but I thought it had a lot of potential to be a cool item if its mechanics were tweaked a little.

  13. Ever since using this ive been seeing hands come and trying take light from the night light and starting its to freak me out. Is this apart of the mod?

    That is not a specific feature of my mod that I made happen.  I think you are just going MAD! Mwahaha!



    Don't like your own comments, that is cheating.

    It's pretty funny when you think about it.


    I like the reddit approach where it is assumed you already like your own comment.

  14. Cool, this is going to be useful


    I would have never done it if not for you.



    Now THIS is an interesting feature for the night light, balanced (if it still drains sanity, and it does right?, also consider making its crafting abit more expensive, just a bit  ;)   )


    The sanity drain and recipe are the same as vanilla Don't Starve but, I will add things to the config to easily adjust them in the next update.

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  15. @HMAN

    line 305: flower.perishremainingtime = inst.components.perishable.perishremainingtime


    I use this line to avoid an exploit where you could plant a mushroom cap and immediately dig it up removing any spoilage.


    This line passes the data from the perishremainingtime variable on the mushroom cap to a consent on the planted mushroom that is then passed back to the mushroom cap when you dig up a mushroom resulting in a cap with the exact same perishremainingtime as the one planted.  It is fine to remove, but if it is giving you trouble it is probably because you are using a mod that removes or alters perish times.


    I am not exactly sure what you are asking for your second question, if you mean how to plant them in-game they work like everything else in my mod right-click them on the ground.  If your are asking how it works in the code, that is a bit beyond me to answer, I am a n00b and I code with a lot of trial and error while looking at the game code and mimicking it in new ways without fully understanding how it all works.

    I can't explain how "require" works very well but "tuning" is a file that sets all the default numbers for various things like walk speed, number of chops to fell trees, perish times, weapon and armor durability, ect. it is found in <don't starve folder>\data\scripts\tuning.lua and a lot of "mods" are just things that change tuning values as they can easily be change from the modmain.lua of a mod.  I have a series of turning changes that I use when I play, like theses that shorten the number of chops needed to cut down trees by half:

        TUNING.EVERGREEN_CHOPS_SMALL = 3       --Default:    5
        TUNING.EVERGREEN_CHOPS_NORMAL = 5      --Default:    10
        TUNING.EVERGREEN_CHOPS_TALL = 7           --Default:    15