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  1. You're trying to plant them on the ground right? Your not just clicking on them in your inventory? Why, just for aesthetic purposes? What makes the most sense to me is to make the plant itself pickable and plantable, ponds regrow their plants after winter, so they are renewable.
  2. I can't replicate that crash, could you provide me with a crash log?
  3. You just combine the 5 Things to complete the Teleportato like you would normally but now doing that will permanently reveal the map in that world while this mod is on.
  4. in tentaclespots.lua go to the line that says local ground_OK = tiletype == GROUND.MARSH --tiletype ~= GROUND.ROCKY and tiletype ~= GROUND.ROAD and tiletype ~= GROUND.IMPASSABLEand to make it's planting limitation the same as grass tuffs for example, change it to: local ground_OK = tiletype ~= GROUND.ROCKY and tiletype ~= GROUND.ROAD and tiletype ~= GROUND.IMPASSABLE and tiletype ~= GROUND.UNDERROCK and tiletype ~= GROUND.WOODFLOOR and tiletype ~= GROUND.CARPET and tiletype ~= GROUND.CHECKER and tiletype < GROUND.UNDERGROUNDor you could just add forest and grass like so: local ground_OK = tiletype == GROUND.MARSH or tiletype == GROUND.GRASS or tiletype == GROUND.FOREST
  5. I have not been following the current progress of Don't Starve for a little while now, I will look into making sure everything is up to date.
  6. That is currently not an available feature of this mod and is bit awkward for two reasons: 1. because if you can't have packs in your inventory the game does not want you to hold it with your mouse either so there is no way to put it in a chest. 2. Your inventory does not have the item override function itemtestfn like containers do, so it is not as simple to make it so you can't have something while a chest can. I will work on a solution but no promises.
  7. Probably a mod conflict, some other mod overwriting mushrooms.lua First go the the MorePlantables folder and open modinfo.lua with notepad or some other txt editor and at the bottom add the line: priority=3 If that does not work, give me a list of mods you are using and I will try to figure it out.
  8. Thanks a lot, I appreciate the sentiment. Glad I can make Don't Starve even better for you with my mod.
  9. Thanks, it's great to hear that you like my mod. I like the idea of player created ponds but I feel it outside of the scope of this mod and a simple planting action. I think it should require some more complicated ritual like Telelocator Focus, maybe creating some sort of Water Focus that is transformed into a pond.
  10. Thanks for the suggesting, its an interesting Idea but I don't know that I have what it takes to implement though. I think in this case a swarm is more scary than a big boss, and they are really a boss themselves, you will notice boss music plays while you fight them. Each ghost represents the spirit of someone you wronged by violating their resting place, but they only have a brief period of time they are able to get their revenge. I don't know that a super XL monster ghost would fits with that theme.
  11. Just in time for Halloween... barely. John2022 made a suggestion for a mod like this a few months ago and I have been tinkering with it bit by bit for awhile. I did not want to release this in a beta state, I wanted it to be as close to "finished product" as possible and I think I did get there.
  12. Version 1.2


    Features: Within 3 to 13 days after a grave has been dug, more frequently the older your world, the spirits of the dead will come for their revenge! These revenge events happen when the moon rises and for each dug grave lightning will strike that grave and it will be undug, then there will be a ghost that attacks you, some of these ghost will have special properties and special prizes. All Revenge seeking ghost will disappear at sunrise. Revenge events won't happen a night if you sleep at dusk but once it has started you can't sleep until that night ends. Special Ghost: There are 6 special ghost that only spawn during revenge and they are distinguished by having a constantly angery face (except green) and faintly glow a different color but as they group together it can be challenging to distinguish. Each ghost drops their respective colored gem if killed. Red Ghosts: Double the health of regular ghosts, *New* and hitting them slightly raises your body temperature. Blue Ghosts: Hitting them lowers you body temperature (works on enemy to.) Purple Ghosts: Super sanity drain. (-200 per/minute) Orange Ghosts: *New* A quarter faster than regular ghost, and hitting them has a chance to randomly teleport you somewhere onscreen. Yellow Ghosts: Very bright. Green Ghosts: About half the health as regular ghost and timid, always looks sad. Pics: Other Feature: Non-special ghosts from graves and during revenge attacks have a chance to drop a random trinket (can be configured.) TL;DR: Mod makes graves re-dig-able so grave items are renewable. Special ghosts drop gems so all colored gems are renewable in overworld. (gem drop rates configurable) Configurations: Open up modmain.lua from the Revenge of The Dead folder here are the default configurations: ----Config-----local special_ghost_percent = 2/3 --the chance of a ghost being special during a revenge attack, set to 0 for no special ghost, ghosts by any other means will still always be normal.TUNING.special_ghost_drop_gem_chance = 1 --1 means 100% chance 1/2 would mean 50%, and 0.5 would also mean 50%local specialOnlyGems = true --if true special ghost will not drop trinkes or other loots added to normal ghosts.local trinket_chance = 1/3 --the chance for normal ghost dug from graves and during revenge attacks to drops a random trinket, 0 will disable this option. Also special ghost if specialOnlyGems is set to falselocal all_ghost_extra_loot = { --items in this table will be dropped by normal ghost dug from graves and during revenge attacks, also special ghost if specialOnlyGems is set to false.--this one below is just to give an example of what a normal item would look like. Just add your own without the double dashes.--{item = "nightmarefuel", chance = 1/3},}--disable a perticular colored ghost by commenting out that color below with a double dash like this --"red",local colors = { "red", "blue", "purple", "orange", "yellow", "green",}------End Config-------- Discuss: Any tips or suggestions are welcome and appreciated but go easy on me, A n00b I am. You can talk to me about the mod, tell me how much you like it, or just say hi below. Also ratings do make me happy, especially the 5 star variety. Acknowledgements: This mod was heavily inspired by an idea by John2022. Boring Legal Stuff: Feel free to use anything from my mods in anyway you like, acknowledgement is not necessary but it is appreciated. As school and life take up more of my time I may have to give up on updating these mods, if I fail to update them to the current version of Don't Starve for several weeks, assume my mods are abandon and feel free to start your own version using any and all of my assets. It sure has been a lot of fun! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To Install: Just go to steamsteamappscommondont_starvemods and place the folder located in the .zip archive Start Don't Starve and go to the "Mods" menu and enable this mod.
  13. As I suspected, Link also adds an "action" called recharge, even if you are not playing as him at the time and that confused my mod into thinking recharge meant something else. I fixed it now in 0.5 there should be no more confusion between names of things in the future... well except for the philosopher's stone, if another mod tries to add one, there will be problems, but will face them once we get there.
  14. Now that one is on me. Sorry about that, Don't Starve apparently does not think I am very clever using finite uses backwards and basically would reset a full PS back to it's default, in this case zero. I can fix that by telling the stone to save that it is full and remember that it is full on load. As for the other thing, I can't recreate and these things are usually like 99% bad mod interaction, but looking at my code there may have been some naming issues so I have fixed them and release a new version that may or may not fix the original problem. (but probably not.)
  15. I need a list of mods you are using, and step by step explain what exactly you are doing with as much detail as posible, like what items you are using.
  16. Sorry if you had trouble downloading just now, I was spazing out a bit.
  17. Sorry for the delay, I got real busy all of the sudden. I will work on this tomorrow, the excuse I am going to use is I wanted everyone to get a chance to fight Worms vanilla before I introduced the Worm horn.
  18. There is a way to change the key bindings of my mod, see the config section.
  19. It should just equip like a spear, are you sure you installed it correctlly? Did you turn it on in the mod menu?
  20. Done and done, I did not even relize the Worms were a type of event thingy.
  21. Sounds a little OP to easly give people that option but if you really want that there is a simple way, just find the line this section of code: and replace it with this: local function getfuellevel(inst) inst.components.fueled:SetPercent(1)endAnd that way it will always be at full when you are close to it, like Maxwell's lights.
  22. I think this mod is basically perfect now, it likely won't need to be maintained very much since Six Feet Under is the penultimate update and Klei has said that updates won't be so mod breaking anymore.
  23. Thanks, I am glad you like it. I think there can be something satisfying in gathering information and preparing for events in advanced knowing more precisely when they will happen, and I think it goes well with Wilson's theme. It could be called OP considering it's free and it makes things like the rainometer less useful but I think it adds a nice option in play style if you are looking for this kind of thing.
  24. Thanks! Sorry, I would love to put it on the workshop but I don't legit own Don't Starve so I can't. Really very sorry for the inconvenience.