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    Meh... I don't find it so op, I just always found trying to uncover the whole map a bit tedious and it never felt worth it in the end, so for me this just smooths out an aspect of the game that I never found very engaging in the first place.  Different strokes I guess, but I will consider adding an optional durability of some sort, thanks for the suggestion.


    I don't own Don't Starve on steam, so I was not the one hosting the one you were using, and while I don't have a problem with it, it looks like steam did not think it was kosher.  Sorry about the inconvenience.


    I believe all you have to do is put the folder from the zip file in: <your programs folder>\steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\mods


    Then just enable it in the mods menu in game.


    Good luck.

  3. it would sound more reasonable for the living logs to grow the totally normal tree


    Interesting idea, but the Totally Normal Tree can't fight back so it makes Living Logs a little too easy to farm.  I think maybe the implementation of a Totally Normal Pine Cone might make more sense, that might be better for a separate mod.  Though I think there will still have to be a catch to it, because the point of the TNT is to give a few easy Living Logs early on as a reward for exploring, but still force you to rely on killing Treeguards as the main source.

  4. It should be noted that the ghost from the ghosts and graves mod are wholly separate entities from regular ghost and my mod only effects regular ghosts.
    As to your crash, did you try adding something to the all_ghost_extra_loot config option?  If so you may have done it improperly.

  5. doesn't put the dug up item directly into my inventory like usual it does...


    ಠ_ಠ Well since it is not supposed to do that by default, what ever mod adds that feature is likely the one causing the conflict with mine.


    Line 80 should be empty, it should look like this:


    if not inst.components.lootdropper then    inst:AddComponent("lootdropper")endif item then    inst.components.lootdropper:SpawnLootPrefab(item)end
    Sorry I was not more clear.


    So I still don't know what is causing your problem but I think I know what the problem is. It seems that graves have forgotten they drop items.  You could try a quick and dirty fix if your up to it, just open up <Don't starve folder>\mods\Revenge of The Dead\modmain.lua in notepad++ or your prefered text editor and starting on line 80 add:

    if not inst.components.lootdropper then    inst:AddComponent("lootdropper")end

    It may cause more weirdness since something is altering graves for some reason but it's worth a try.

  8. I can't seem to plant any flowers, the option to plant them doesn't show up at all and when I try to plant a butterfly I instead get butterfly wings.


    You're trying to plant them on the ground right? Your not just clicking on them in your inventory?


    Here's an idea: how about making the froggie bunwich or frog legs plantable to get a "plant"? A "plant" is one of those things you see near a frog pond that frogs spawn from.


    Why, just for aesthetic purposes? What makes the most sense to me is to make the plant itself pickable and plantable, ponds regrow their plants after winter, so they are renewable.

  9. in tentaclespots.lua go to the line that says

    local ground_OK = tiletype == GROUND.MARSH --tiletype ~= GROUND.ROCKY and tiletype ~= GROUND.ROAD and tiletype ~= GROUND.IMPASSABLE

    and to make it's planting limitation the same as grass tuffs for example, change it to:

    local ground_OK = tiletype ~= GROUND.ROCKY and tiletype ~= GROUND.ROAD and tiletype ~= GROUND.IMPASSABLE and	tiletype ~= GROUND.UNDERROCK and tiletype ~= GROUND.WOODFLOOR and 	tiletype ~= GROUND.CARPET and tiletype ~= GROUND.CHECKER and tiletype < GROUND.UNDERGROUND

    or you could just add forest and grass like so:

    local ground_OK = tiletype == GROUND.MARSH or tiletype == GROUND.GRASS or tiletype == GROUND.FOREST


    That is currently not an available feature of this mod and is bit awkward for two reasons:

        1. because if you can't have packs in your inventory the game does not want you to hold it with your mouse either so there is no way to put it in a chest.

        2. Your inventory does not have the item override function itemtestfn like containers do, so it is not as simple to make it so you can't have something while a chest can.


    I will work on a solution but no promises.


    Probably a mod conflict, some other mod overwriting mushrooms.lua

    First go the the MorePlantables folder and open modinfo.lua with notepad or some other txt editor and at the bottom add the line:


    If that does not work, give me a list of mods you are using and I will try to figure it out.