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  1. Hey guys I thought of a way to improve the threat of Krampus, so hear me out:
    Pigman = 15 naught points, killing some what civilized sentient beings is pretty naughty to say the least.
    Beefalo = 10 naughty points, these are beautiful majestic creatures that could even be made extinct if you are not careful
    crow = 3 naughty points
    robin and winter robin = 5 naughty points
    Smallbird = 15 naughty points, because seriously.
    butterfly = 7 naughty points, ripping wings off a butterfly is pretty gosh dang naughty.
    rabbit = 3 naughty points, you got to eat but don't go crazy with it.
    tallbird = 5 naughty points,  you are literally killing a mother bird.
    and here is the key anything else not listed above is 1 naughty point.
    All life is precious even a spider and if you go and massacre 30 spiders within minutes of each other that it some naughty business you are up to.
    The code to make this possible is simple just make a mod folder to overwrite the scripts\components\kramped.lua file and replace the fuction Kramped:onkilledother with this:

    function Kramped:onkilledother(victim)	if victim and victim.prefab then		if victim.prefab == "pigman" then			if not victim.components.werebeast or not victim.components.werebeast:IsInWereState() then				self:OnNaughtyAction(15)			end		elseif victim.prefab == "beefalo" then			self:OnNaughtyAction(10)		elseif victim.prefab == "crow" then			self:OnNaughtyAction(3)		elseif victim.prefab == "robin" then			self:OnNaughtyAction(5)		elseif victim.prefab == "robin_winter" then			self:OnNaughtyAction(5)		elseif victim.prefab == "smallbird" then			self:OnNaughtyAction(15)		elseif victim.prefab == "butterfly" then			self:OnNaughtyAction(7)		elseif victim.prefab == "rabbit" then			self:OnNaughtyAction(3)		elseif victim.prefab == "tallbird" then			self:OnNaughtyAction(5)		else			self:OnNaughtyAction(1)		end	endend


    I personally don't like the krampusnachts idea in general because I think it misses the point of Krampus.  Krampus is supposed to be a force that is constantly judging all your actions making you afraid and making you consider each action more carefully because being bad has consequences.  krampusnachts is just a random monster attack and while those can be fun in the case of hound and Deerclops attacks, I think Krampus should represent something more.  I would like the krampusnachts event more if it was something you brought on yourself because you deserve it, maybe if they start to happen because you kill too many regular Krampii and they were out for revenge it would fit the theme of Krampus better.

  2. This is a great thread, I love Krampus I thought the only thing that needed to be changed about Krampus was a way to summon him on demand that did not require the genocide of 4 chest full of rabbits so I made a way with the Krampus horn in my Magic Horns mod </shameless self endorsement>I would like to see a tweak to the naughtiness system but otherwise Don't Take My Krampus Away!