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  1. is anyone having an issue where the mushrooms not grow back after planting the roots in a new location. Its been around 40 days and they haven't regrown.

    Firstly, I love this mod! great work!

    One thing: Pomegranate seeds - it doesn't allow me to plant them in a (improved) farm, just on the ground (to make a berry bush).

    Is this intended? It would be nice to be able to plant them iin the farm and grow pomegranates as well as just make berry bushes.


    Those seem like bugs, I will look into it when I get the chance, but issues like this are usually mod compatibility related so a list of mods may help me out.

  2. Loving this mod.


    Was quite a shock the first time a posse of ghosts suddenly spawned with a crack of thunder at moonrise!


    Yea, I love that too, it's amazing what you can do as a modder with the simple tools the game gives you.



    Apologies for not replying sooner, that seems like an interesting idea, I suggest making it a stand alone mod of your own, if people prefer your vision, they could disable the evil flower planting feature in my mod and use yours instead.

  4. Oh so this is where the philospher stone comes from, I was wondering which of my mods added it. Any plans for touching up some of your old mods, such as the backpacks in inventory and more plantables?


    I try to keep all my mods as up to date as possible, though honestly I find maintaining them a bit stressful so I tend to take short hiatuses.

  5. Sorry I haven't responed in so long, life happens and stuff.


    Anyone else get a "R.I.P. in peace Graysloth" grave surrounded by flowers?Does that have a special ghost?

    That's just my grave, its value is only sentimental.

    Hello GraySloth... I love the idea so I enabled the mod in a middle of my heavy modded game and now I get CTD when a night comes. I would really like to use this mod, disabling it is not a fix for me...

    Well by that error log, it has something to do with making it so re-undug graves can't be used to insert Webber skulls in.  I thought that feature was working fine but I will look into it.  Could you give me a list of mods you use?  Also could you put that error log in a spoiler tag?

  6. Sorry if anyone was waiting awhile for this one to get a proper update, since it was almost perfectly compatible with RoG already I put it on the back burner, plus I was meaning to give it an overhaul anyway and like to take my time with this one since it's my most complex mod.  My ability to test all possible scenarios is a bit limited, but I do my best to ensure stability, so thanks you all for all your patients.

  7. Alas there seems to be incompatibility with some other mod as I am getting this after activating your mod in ongoing game:


    That actauly looks like a problem with DisplayFoodValues, I know that mod has some problems when it comes to RoG.


    On a new game with all mods activated it seems to play but this one seems to at least nullify RPG HUD mod as I don't get the new HUD although it's activated.


    Well my mod does not write over anything, so it should in theory not be a problem with a mod that does, but I will look into it.

  8. how i can change the "hitbox" of the mushroot's because i want to plant them more closer to each other


    In the moreplantables/scripts/prefabs/mushroots.lua file go to the lines that say:

            inst:AddComponent("deployable")        inst.components.deployable.test = test_ground        inst.components.deployable.ondeploy = OnDeploy

    and add

    inst.components.deployable.min_spacing = 1

    under them.

    • Digging and replanting the mushroom will cause it to take longer to regrow than just picking it.

    only the first time or forever ?



    Only the first time.


    After being replanted it will take about twice as long to regrow than when pick, but once picked it will regrow at it's normal rate.  This is to encourage picking from a mushroom farm rather than just digging it all up and replanting it, which would eliminate the dynamic of time of day for picking them.

  9. Thanks.


    Also sorry I just spam updated but I just found a nasty crash bug with full moons and planted mushrooms, glad I caught it when I did, based on the download numbers only a few people got that version.  If it affected you my bad.  This is the nature of modding.

  10. Thank you for all your help, I just updated and added Mushroots, basically it makes mushrooms more like berry bushes, in that you can just dig them up and move them, it seemed like the simplest solution to me.  I like your Musheed idea but doing things with the bird in a cage is a real pain, it only works for bananas because bananas are already part of the veggies system.


    I was also aware of the dynaimc the moon plays on mushrooms and I think balancing mushroots and aspores for farming them adds a lot of depth to the game, that is otherwise more haphazard in vanilla.

  11. It never occurred to me till now, but butter on it's own is a bit of an overpowered healing item for how I set it up with butterflies, I did not realize that, I always just wanted it for waffles, because, well I like waffles.  I will probably change how the butterfly planting works in my next update as well.


    EDIT: I will make it so butterflies plant one flower and an additional 2-5 flowers spawn around the one you plant.  This will make making flower gardens fun and practical, trust me, I'm a gardener.

  12. I believe Revenge of the Dead does not need to be updated to work with RoG, in case you were still waiting on it.  I will say that creatable graves is something I don't think I will do though, RotD was my solution to making the contents of graves renewable.


    For mushrooms I want to limit how exponential they are, before nothing stopped you from just making a giant mushroom farm, and I want there to be something that stops that or makes it expensive.  Just making them plantable on fungus turf does not really limit how exponential  they are.


    Another solution to making Mushrooms plantable would be to change the loot dropped when dug, so instead of getting two mushrooms you get a Mushroom and a mushroom root.  Another would be to add a special craftable farm plot like for crops but this one you could plant mushrooms in.  lastly that I could think of would be to make an item that could revert Mushtrees into mushrooms, this way you could collect aspornes and build a nice mushtree field and convert it to mushrooms, though I don't really like that option becomes it seems convoluted and I want to make it more "realistic" for lack of a better term.


    So either making dug mushrooms drop mushroom roots or making craftable mushroom farms seems like the option I might go with, unless I get anymore ideas.

  13. Goats

    3666    22

    Is the pink one the male? Not a fan of gender binaries tbh - cute, but graining.


    There is such a thing as Sexual dimorphism, I mean the colours blue and pink are arbitrary selections best on our culture that says certain colours and things are feminine/masculine, but radical physical differences between genders do exist in nature.

  14. Thanks for the comment, I really do appreciate any constructive criticism.  I agree that the old treeguard planting was fun, what do you think about the idea of being able to fertilize the "Completely Average Sapling" with nightmare fuel to increase it's growth time?  Maybe 2-3 nightmare fuel to cause it to grow instantly with a higher chance of being a treeguard and poisonous tree?  If all else fails I have another mod called Magic Horns that adds an item that turns all trees on screen into treeguards, it's not updated yet but I will get to it in a few days.


    I just thought that planting mushrooms the old way was too straight forward and was too easy as of a source of food mid-game.  Needing aspornes mean you need to get to a cave or wait till a full moon to get them.  Now I have thought of ways to make mushrooms plantable in some way but I think it needs to be more interesting, it will have to involve more resources like poop and rot or maybe even require you to dig up some fungus turf from the cave, and then you will have to craft a mushroom farm item, what do you think about that?

  15. Would anybody be really devastated if I abandoned this mod?  It was one of my favorites, I like the idea of being able to talk to your character to get information, but realistically there are just better mods out there that provide you with the same information, in the form of GUI gauges, though I have always felt this hurt immersion.

    I might rethink the idea of this mod, I think binding it to buttons is a bit clunky, I was thinking about making it an item or object you craft but it will definitely be a while before I do that.  Please feel free to share your opinions, I find all input valuable.

  16. Woot!  I did it guys, I updated it to RoG! and only had to completely rewrite it, well I say "rewrite" but what I mean is not be super lazy and just overwrite files and actually write it properly like I should have done from the beginning if I had known what I was doing.


    What do you guys think of the changes and new features, do you love them or do you think they are dumb and want me to get sat on by a Bearger for changing it?

  17. All right so this is a bit if a test update, just to fix the chilled amulet crash and try out some new ideas.


    I plan to basically rewrite this mod for it's next update, it will be functionally the same but the plan is to make the code more module and customizable.  Basically make it easy to alter the purpose of it, if you wanted to make spears repairable with flint, I want that to be something easy to do.

  18. So the Morning Star and Weather Pain are items in the same vain as the staffs in terms of function, but the are more technology than magic.  Does not seem right to charge them with magic, but maybe I should just add the ability to repair them with Electrical Doodads?

  19. Not sure if this mod is still maintained or not, but if you attempt to craft the chilled amulet in the DLC you will crash.

    So I have looked into this and it is an easily fixable problem, but I am left with a question.  The only purpose the chilled amulet serves in Base Don't Starve is to restore sanity, but it was pretty lame at that and my mod buffed it, but in RoG it now has the additional function of cooling you from overheating, thus my buff seems unnecessary to me.  So what does everyone think, should I keep the sanity buff option for RoG?  Should I create to separate config options for base and RoG?  Thoughts?  I am leaning to two separate options and having them default to false so it can just be something people have to make the choice to turn on.


    A temporary solution before I release a patch would just be to set very_dapper_blue_amulet to false


    Also has anyone else experienced RoG related bugs?