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  1. Sorry, but can you reword that please? It doesn't make sense.
  2. Wouldn't it be cool if Wx-78 slowly starts to look more awesome every time he eats a gear?Maybe he can grow taller?Or slowly get new artwork?Or change eye colour?
  3. Oops, My mind passed right past that. :culpability:I would make it so that he can't die from the rain. He could just stop getting rain damage below 30 health or something.
  4. I hope WX doesn't loose too much health from the rain, If he looses like one health per second it would be like starving to death. plus, it usually takes at least half a year for something to rust.Otherwise, its cool.Plus, It would be great to be able to make gears out of gold or something.
  5. It looks like a boat... A big battle/cruise ship.
  6. Two P's garage

    Woah! That is all I have to say.
  7. These are so good! I can't wait for more.
  8. i probably draw things

    I love Wilson's face on the first one...I liek it.
  9. Slightly realistic Wilson

    Oh, look at that. A robot deactivated itself...*Checks roboman's blueprints*Some sort of artwork seemed to be able to almost kill an almost invincible being...Odd...*looks at the artwork that roboman died with**Commits suicide*
  10. Or the first ever Xbox...Man, Fun times I'm telling you, fun times. I still got it...
  11. Don't Starve Story Time!

    Juuuust one thing...Sorry if I'm annoying you by doing this...Wx-78 needs to have all capital speech. like this;"YOU CAN STAY WITH US IF YOU LIKE."
  12. Wilson Cage

    What...I thought it would be Wilson in a cage, not this!It is funny though...
  13. To me, the poster is as good as new, with a bit of graffiti on his face...
  14. Creepado's arty thread

    I might try drawing Wilson next, but I always fail when I try drawing him...I'll try though.
  15. Apparently, Maxwell might not be his stage name. It obviously says William Carter on the poster, and not Maxwell.