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  1. Woah! That is all I have to say.
  2. I love Wilson's face on the first one...I liek it.
  3. Oh, look at that. A robot deactivated itself...*Checks roboman's blueprints*Some sort of artwork seemed to be able to almost kill an almost invincible being...Odd...*looks at the artwork that roboman died with**Commits suicide*
  4. Juuuust one thing...Sorry if I'm annoying you by doing this...Wx-78 needs to have all capital speech. like this;"YOU CAN STAY WITH US IF YOU LIKE."
  5. What...I thought it would be Wilson in a cage, not this!It is funny though...
  6. I might try drawing Wilson next, but I always fail when I try drawing him...I'll try though.
  7. oh... Since when did Wx-78 do the ugly dance?
  8. Why lever on pole? why lever tree? Why lever everywhere?
  9. I decided to make fanart of this amazing game! All feedback and requests appreciated! Plus, can you good people tell me what one of these is the best, just so I can make more arts like it. Yes, Deerclops can talk. This one is not as good as I planned it out to be, but it's still ok. I will also put my not-up-to-standard work in spoiler tags, just so you can see the good art first, and the bad second.
  10. What is this?! My god. My made up character doesn't approve.
  11. It's starting to look good already! well done! Can't wait for finished result.
  12. Your art is amazing! I can't wait to see more in the future.