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  1. I thought having a thread dedicated to OC's in general might be useful. Let the world see your original characters! To start it off, here are two of mine (pictures when I install my art software onto this new laptop): Wynat Nickname: The Childish Motto: "Let's play a game!" Perks: *Innocent (0.75x sanity drain) *Runs fast (1.25x running speed) Flaws: *Small stomach (less hunger) * Frail (less health) Appearance: A small girl with chin-length, light brown hair. She wears a white and blue lacy dress, with a blue bow on her head. Age: 19 Backstory: Wynat made a deal with Maxwell because he promised her a life free from the mundane and adult responsibility. Quotes when examining: A tree - "Maybe I should make a treehouse!" A grave - "Eep! Dead people!" A bee - "Do you think it'll let me have some honey?" Wake Nickname: The Cynic Motto: *Snarks* Perks: * Hardy (0.85x damage taken) * Javelin expert (1.25x damage dealt with Spear) Flaws: * Afraid of the dark (1.5x sanity drain at night) * Tragic past (less sanity) Appearance: A boy with blonde, bed-head hair and tired eyes. He wears a white t-shirt and orange jacket with black trousers. Age: 22 Backstory: Wake made a deal with Maxwell because he was promised the chance to find, and apologize to, his childhood friend. (His friend disappeared after he left her for a more popular crowd.) Quotes when examining: A tree - "Thank you for your oxygen, tree." A grave - "Well, that's depressing." A bee - "If you sting me, it'll kill you. Revenge!"