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  1. Just noticed the dogs were fixed! Really impressive work guys, that was a very fast bug fix. Sorry to hear there's another one near the end of the game, but if that one's fixed just as fast, it'll be fine by the time I get there. Again, great job.
  2. Great news, can't wait to make time to play tomorrow!
  3. Yeah, it seems to be an Intel HD 3000 problem, it usually is.
  4. First off, I'm very happy to see a Mac port out and the game normally runs fine, but unfortunately the game becomes virtually unplayable during the level that introduces dogs because the game seems to unexpectedly quit whenever a dog is near. I have no idea why, and I'm not sure if it's actually because of the dogs, but whenever I'm near a dog, the game seems to crash within seconds. I was able to get past the first dog quickly after a few crashes, but the second dog in the level is impossible to get past without crashing, usually before the dog is even on screen. I've tried verifying the cache, re-installing the game, and restarting Steam, but to no effect, I still can't get past the second dog. At the moment the game becomes unplayable about 10-15 minutes into the 3rd level. If it means anything, this is all on a mid-2011 Macbook Air, running with an Intel HD 3000 graphics. Thanks in advance.