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  1. I don't see the problem. I believe that the science machine would look better, but if you believe Wilson fits better, that's your opinion. Why do I need to be beaten up?
  2. Black king: MaxwellWhite king: Science machine/Camp fire (Come on, you think wilson does all the work? He is as much king as any other character. Without the science machine, you would die, or even, a camp fire is a better king)Black queen: Spider queen (Or deerclops, or even the nightmare throne)White queen: Pig kingBlack pawn: SpiderWhite pawn: Small birdBlack rook: Walrus( Or a merm)White rook: PigmanBlack bishop: Deerclops( Or a treeguard, or a merm)White bishop: Mandrake...?Black knight: HoundWhite knight: Bunnyman
  3. The shop keeper! No, not me! My avatar! He was going to be added for shops, until they got scrapped. He's the only other character tall like maxwell! I bet he was an agent of the dark ones sent to scam wilson out of his soul. Also, he doesn't look that threatening, but some color-messed-up pictures of his original model show him having a devil tail like Wortox! Imagine, a demonic shop keeper offering to trade wilson's soul for a special suprise. You get a Tam o' Shanter. Cool, worth it! Later, you get killed by some spiders. Alright, no big deal, lets just go and ressurect at a touch stone or meat effigy-wait a second, why isn't it working? You are suddenly tried to a "You died" screen in the midst of a black darkness with insanity eyes watching you. Nooo!!!! Edit: Changed me avatar, so it doesnt really apply anymore
  4. If the merms form a swamp alliance, they will be unstoppable. Their mosquito scouts can drain the blood of the pigs and form outposts inside the frog ponds. And while tentacles can only be a home guard, as they cant leave the swamp, they will gain access to the tentacle graveyard to use as weapons. Along with that, they can use their spikey bushes as traps, and reeds as bait. Long live the merms! Death to the king of pigs!