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  1. I played my first Rook run in a couple of weeks. I encountered a robot with the weak point debuff (double the next to hits you take) three times in five fights and found it very frustrating. Especially in later days and with multiple enemies it seems incredibly punishing. Taking 40, 50 and 74! damage in a single turn respectively. The robots do act slow but they have a lot of health and I found it impossible to kill them before they apply the debuff and attack with their team mates. Debuff removal is pretty rare and unreliable as well. The first two times I won the fight but had to eat 3 times each to get back my health. In the third instance I just got killed because they did notably more damage on turn 3 than I had health in total.
  2. I played 10 fights and wrote an F8 report for each. Summary: Summary of the summary: Four out of ten fights were impossible to win in my opinion. Of the four victories three were heavily based on easy/lucky boss patterns (mostly summon + no AoE attack from boss). Two losses (f9, f6) faced very difficult boss patterns with no drone to tank but would have varying chances at victory in more lucky fights. Averaging out I would say only one of these deck has a very good chance at victory, two or three have a decent shot at victory, and two have a small chance for victory on a medium difficulty boss pattern. Thoughts: Kashio is extremely swingy and extremely varying in total damage. Currently the fight is very luck dependant. Selection of boss attacks, availability of the drone summon, boss target selection with the drone, boss attack selection (AoE damage vs single attack) provide a very high margin for total damage taken. Zero defense decks can get lucky with attacks, summons and targeting and take 20 damage total, while high defense decks can fail to block the escalating 30, 40 damage attacks each turn in an unlucky boss pattern. The drone summon is IMO the by far most important factor. It can fail but it gives chances to otherwise terrible decks to still beat the boss due to potentially 4+ free turns. Kashio's abilities from artifacts can provide huge synergy/anti synergy with the player deck. This probably is a good thing, especially if you actually know the deck you built over four days. Some extreme cases might have to be looked at.
  3. For me this currently crashes on start due to error with "vo/admiralityhighclassfemale01.lua" I have sent an F8 report.
  4. Currently aggressive gets added by a lot of fights where you do fight in self defence. Including getting attacked by a pack of dogs and being mugged by bandits in random travel events (no negotiation option, just "defend yourself"). I got five aggressive cards in my latest run and I feel only one was justified.
  5. I agree with Puffin. I like fatigue. I'm slightly sceptical that gaining XP from usage is the best choice for card upgrades but I feel fatigue as implemented right now deals well with some of the inherent problems. There is still some room for decisions between optimal output and gaining XP in the first six rounds. Fatigue creates freedom and potential in other areas. The additional space to implement and play long term cards and decks alone makes it worth it.
  6. I have the exact same issue with Oxylite in an oxydizer tank. The amount slider does nothing, dupes always try to deliver up to max. Just clicking on the tank drops all stored Oxylite to the ground. Save file included: Oxylite.sav