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  1. For me this currently crashes on start due to error with "vo/admiralityhighclassfemale01.lua" I have sent an F8 report.
  2. Currently aggressive gets added by a lot of fights where you do fight in self defence. Including getting attacked by a pack of dogs and being mugged by bandits in random travel events (no negotiation option, just "defend yourself"). I got five aggressive cards in my latest run and I feel only one was justified.
  3. I agree with Puffin. I like fatigue. I'm slightly sceptical that gaining XP from usage is the best choice for card upgrades but I feel fatigue as implemented right now deals well with some of the inherent problems. There is still some room for decisions between optimal output and gaining XP in the first six rounds. Fatigue creates freedom and potential in other areas. The additional space to implement and play long term cards and decks alone makes it worth it.
  4. Bugs with Oxidizer tank

    I have the exact same issue with Oxylite in an oxydizer tank. The amount slider does nothing, dupes always try to deliver up to max. Just clicking on the tank drops all stored Oxylite to the ground. Save file included: Oxylite.sav