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  1. Oh?

    Imagine this:

    Wilson defeats the last level of adventure mode, after encountering various mechanical horses, lightning bishops, evil doors, and teleportatoes. He is in a dimly lit room with Maxwell at one end, a chess set before him.

    "Very well, Wilson, you've found me. Your pesky belligerence has finally paid off. I'll let you go... If you can defeat me.." Maxwell gestures towards the chess set.

    Wilson sits down across the table.. But if he beats me..? Agh, what other choice do I have?"

    Wilson moves his first piece...


    Wiping his sweaty palms on his shirt, Wilson stares down at the board. I.. I've won! If I just move the rook, I've got him!

    Maxwell's eye begins to twitch. "Your move... Pal."

    Wilson gingerly picks up the rook, staring intently at the square that will win the game..


    Maxwell's hand is through the game board, slicing it in half. His eyes are drills of rage, boring into Wilson's heart.

    "IMPOSSIBLE! THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN.. YOU! YOU... PROGRAM, ANOMALY, ERROR" Maxwell's body begins convulsing, and sparks fly from the neck of his suit.

    A horrible grinding sound is heard, as Maxwell's head turns grotesquely around.

    Then silence.. Wilson, wide-eyed inspects the twisted form..

    He gets closer, listening for a heart-beat..

    tick.... tick.... tick.... tick, tick, tick

    With a realization of what's happening, Wilson dives behind his chair, moments before Maxwell's body explodes, filling the room with light and the smell of gunpowder.

    All that is left when the smoke clears is a pile of gears and 3 nightmare fuel.

    Wilson stares at the mess in awe.. "I've done it.. It's over.. I'VE DONE IT! I'VE DEFEATED HIM!"

    Wilson's eyes begin to water, as he thinks of his family, their reunion. The joy! His pets! His co-workers!

    Sobbing with happiness, he stumbles towards the door at the far end of the room. Through a small window in the door, an airplane is visible..

    He reaches out, grasping the doorknob.


    The door vibrates violently. The knob won't turn. Wilson gasps, throwing both hands on the knob and twisting furiously. He glances through the window again, but his gaze is not met by the airplane.

    Instead, two soul-less optical sensors are quietly watching him.

    "Hell0 Wils0n.." The voice grates in his ears, like a crazy, overprocessed synth..

    "It w0uld appear my mini0n failed m3.." The sensors glance toward the pile of gears.

    "An 3rr0r in his pr0gramming, I supp0se.. But no matter." Wx turns back to Wilson. "This d00r doesn't have any errors.."

    Wilson can only stare back in horror..

    "I've g0tten tired 0f 0ur game, Wilson. I th0ught f0r sure my bish0ps w0uld kill y0u.. but they failed als0.. I supp0se if y0u want s0mething done right.. Ya-da Ya-da.."

    Wilson blinks.. his mouth dry as a rock..

    "Well alright, I'll be 0ff n0w, g00dbye."

    "W-Wait!" Wilson screams frantically, "I have a wife! And children! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

    Wx-78 stares back at Wilson from the aircraft's cockpit..

    "I'm s0rry Wils0n, it w0uld appear my empathy m0dule is n0t resp0nding.. Ha, ha, ha." He turns on the engine, and begins rolling out of the hangar..

    "0NE M0RE THING!" He yells over the roar of the propeller.

    "D0N'T STARVE!! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA........................."

  2. Some of my sketches. I've always imagined Wx to be an inventor for some reason. Maybe he's like the don't starve version of Iron Man. O:

    Posted Image

    1) Blowgun turret

    2) Tentacle armor

    3) Hound tooth chainsaw

    4) Cannon (I mean come on, there's gunpowder)

    5) Ice box armor (There is metal in the game, but none of the characters have thought of this?)

    6) Hound sled!

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