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  1. P.SThere is a picture! My inner grammar nazi is going to hurt you!By the way..COMIC SANS? WHY!? WHY!? WHYYY!!!
  2. Frog rain? Maxwell Throne? Huh? I just think you ruined the game for me.
  3. Yeah, i drew it, i just don't have a fancy tablet, nor any scanner, so i had to take a picture with my telephone, and BTW thank you! Can i have your permission to upgrade it to my profile picture?
  4. I have a request!Can you draw this: better? Thank you.
  5. "I don't need any food... No, not at all.. I'll go sleep in the guest bedroom.."Warcus goes to the guest bedroom to rest.
  6. Warcus comes out of the house with alot of blood on his hands, and bobby the jackalopes head in his left hand "I really love to learn.." as he washes off the blood on his hand on his sweater.. When he walks over to the other guys.
  7. Thank you! - - - Updated - - - Unhappy?
  8. Let's speak in quote so that they get the little message thing up there.. Either way you are accepted.
  9. "But i need animals to keep me ALIVE! I MUST SEE BLOOD! I can't live a day, knowing i'm getting STUPID!!"Warcus looks around the room, and then back to [MENTION=23279]Wimpgang[/MENTION]"I must have animals.. PLEASE!
  10. "That is crazy talk! I'm awake! Did you ignore me!?"Warcus tries to get free from the rope, and realises he can cut himself free, he then takes his knife from his pocket, and starts cutting the rope. Warcus then breaks free, and stands up when he runs for the exit
  11. In-Game:Warcus wakes up slowly with his vision very blurry, "What was that for? I didn't even do it! I was just thinking about it.." Warcus walks to Wimpgang i put my hand on his shoulder and starts to slowly talk to him "I'm sorry for what happened, but he could have been dead." I put my knife back in my pocket. "I can i stay here for a while? And do you have umm any machines around? Or any living creatures.. I like to experiment."
  12. You should probably edit that in the first post..
  13. Marcus Art Thread Hello, recently many people have been doing art, and i felt like doing some fan-art! And ofcourse i need to start a thread right? Here is some of my art: Hope you like it!