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  1. Presets!!!!!!

    Thank you !What about a unique beachy island blocked by rocks for instance ? Or reachable by caves only ?
  2. Presets!!!!!!

    Mmmh, could someone explain me what is a "set piece" ? It looks interesting. I ask because english is not my native language.
  3. Presets!!!!!!

    Mmmh ok let's talk about the castle's freagging entrance.
  4. Presets!!!!!!

    Default Minus and Monster Wars are great.Randomization seems unavoidably fun.
  5. Crafted with papyrus of course.What about an ingame library that could be placed on the ground ? With a bust of Pallas of course. Like a... pokedex !
  6. Imma lazar guuuuuuuuuun prouichffffffffiouchhhhhh bamwaaaaldokiddy kid adult maaadnessss
  7. Let's make different recipes and shapes.
  8. Pig King of The Hill

    OMG I was just passing close on Epona, kill the stupid horse, spread meat, use a spider mask, and set a spider valley around your own meat effigies !All this time I was flirting with the queen of Monkeymen (because I love fur) so they protect me !
  9. :nomulti:

    Oh yes multi pleaaaase !
  10. With low sanity some gentle pretty creatures become evil little beard hair balls of creepy creep : rabbits. You kill them and take the beard hair. Just to say. They are useful for each one.Soooo, it would be good for Wilson (easier) but for the others you should use razor or gears in my thought. Or even trinkets, though they are not so renewable.
  11. Hello, I feel more and more that the effect of time on character could be very immersive. Wilson grows a magnificent beard.... But what about the others ? I am not so much disapointed that Wilson makes meat effigy really easily and safely compared with ivory young Wendy, which does not grow a beard. But what if each character saw time passing away with seasons (and affecting winter in some manner) and so on just like Wilson ? For instance : Willow could cut her hair (and she could be pretty with an old fashioned short hair) or let it grow (if you can't stand a pretty early century willow) and get brunette hair for her effigy ; Wendy : the same, or what ? Taking care of Abigail'hair ? Taking her flower in her hair ? Special ravens at some point of low sanity as rabbits ? (not liking the idea of beardy rabbits anyway, but not hating it I have to say, perception is so important in this game) Something that could come back in several days, like pretty blond hair ; And for WX- ok, I'm screwed, but what about gears instead of beard hair (Oh R'ly ?) ; Wolfgang could have a lovely 3 tiers stache ; Wickerbottom too, or she could grow a very looong silky silver hair ; Wes... the fool should grow eyebrows. Cute. But silly. Sorry. And... so on dudes. Not so difficult to imagine the third component. This could bring a feeling of time, maybe melancholy or attachment. And as the drawings showed it, components could change with the specific shape, like papyrus for Wickerbottom or gears for WX-. Not a priority but I would love that. A different shape and the time passing on the face of our dedicated hero. The theory of effect... from Edgar. Thank you, Yours, mipi.
  12. Yes, a fancy cursor would be required to experience the full survival quest of dodging hounds, picking grass and killing Derp.Sure.Ham bat ? Yes.What about a little black demonic hand, ooooooooor umbrella oooooooooor raven oooooooooor a cursor that interact with actual health/hunger/sanity ? (A rot hambat, bone or smiling ham bat, I mean, some coder nightmare like that).Yours, mipi.
  13. Multiplayer?

    Hello dears, I, secret dual French entity, present a gentle yell of my present thought : OF COURZ IT WONT HAPPEN BUT LET'S SAY IT WILL ! Great game but, keen devs, admit it : you cry every night, summoning Hypnos, Hel, Christus and the whole R'lyeh only to dare playing this with your girlfriend all day. Just admit it. 2-4 pl. co-op. Rub people, be a Guru, exploit naives, but earn enough gold to turn this into a formidable co-op experience. Simple edit here : multi will bring new players, new players bring money, money brings happiness for Krampus. Let's think of it. Thank you. Yours, mipi.
  14. What about... "Waltz" ?Damn good idea BTW.