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  1. Hm, so since the puzzle has nothing to do with background story like always. Can any devs around tell me which character is the shadows in The Way puzzle? I'm really curious about that. (Especially it looks a lot like my fan characters ha ha) I think they should be characters we already know because Klei aren't going to add MP characters anyways. My big guess is Wendy. But am I right?
  2. Okay, first thing i thought since I saw it. "...How playing Webber works in MP?" I know they will do the RoG MP later but... Don't you think it's a food for thought?
  3. Mysterious notes?

    Not gonna lie. But the shadow remind me A LOT of my DS fan character I drew year ago. I mean, REALLY. I know it isn't like what I want it to be but I still can't get this thought out of my head. @_@
  4. Mysterious notes?

    It probably just me. But first time I saw Tiny Rocketship and what Wilson said about it. My first thought was "Well, maybe there is a Not-Tiny one?" XD Like how people examine rabbit hole and they want to visit "Rabbit Kingdom" and then Boom! Cave added! And, you know, that Tiny Rocketship was referenced to Tintin comic name "Destination Moon" It looks the same as the one in the comic! ...So I don't think the rocket in DS means demolition. Just saying! Maybe it won't mean anything anyways.
  5. Mysterious notes?

    I bet Klei was like "You want something difficult? No bit.ly? Yes you got it" And it worth. XD
  6. Every 4th wall breaker is my favorite character. Unfortunately, I play Wilson more than Maxy so I kinda like him more. Some how this antisocial gentleman scientist is really interesting. And even more for me when Forbidden Knowledge came out.
  7. Rathgrith is a valkyrie name. So guess it's make sense for Wathgrith to be Viking?? I actual thought it's "Warthgrith" at first lol.
  8. Puzzle Thread

    ^ There're a link bit.ly/secretsinthedarkin that!!! Oh well... it just a wallpaper. :/ http://www.dontstarvegame.com/well-arent-you-clever
  9. Puzzle Thread

    I really hate this shadow hand.
  10. LazyRabbit's Fanart Thread

    Hi DS forums! long time no post. I have a midterm test in coming up tuesday… so yay. ---update!--- http://lazy-rabbit.tumblr.com/post/55429472976
  11. First, asking myself how I got here? I still didn't sell my soul to you Max.Next, daydreaming and wondering if I have some cool power as DS characters.I think the result is "No man. You're just weak as much as Wes"Then I'll try berries! Yay! I'll hate gobble I guess...Finally I think I'll dead since first encounter with spider, Because those spider just big as half as you omg. (At least in game it looks like that.)
  12. Aaaaaw, I like that Woodie said "Eh" alot.He's surely 1000% Canadian. XD
  13. Ah! What a good news! I would love to someone we never seen before too.Oh, and don't forget to hint us. I like it when people overthinking... I mean... Anazling. XD
  14. 3 new gems

    Yes you can! I try all of that. It has the same effect as amulet.