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  1. ._______________.

    1. Halved


      You are still here?!

    2. Winterbird
  2. Trolls

    Wise comment. Agree.
  3. True, he's the kind you don't want in your gang.. XD
  4. Carnatis Inviktus(Reserved)

    Np tho'. Happens when you mess with king wuintur. Why do you reply in the roleplay topic when you tell me not to, can't you just pm when you tell others to?
  5. Carnatis Inviktus(Reserved)

    Why? O_o
  6. Carnatis Inviktus(Reserved)

    Bloody tears = blood lust right?
  7. Ask the Tree!

    Do you grow dragon fruits 2?
  8. Ace's Doodles

    Luv da hat.
  9. Game Changer

    So what is this roleplay ACTUALLY about? Is it some roleplay server in DST? I would call myself a RP Veteran since i've spend several 100 hours on rping in gmod, Kag, Mount & blade, and several other games.
  10. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    I know you know, i was just bored so i wrote something, used to be a huge fan of Tboi
  11. The Binding Of Isaac Thread

    Reborn is coming out soon! It features : Local Co-op Pixel art - causing less laggs and much other stuff!
  12. Ask the Tree!

    Love your profile pic, the little bite mark is awesome.
  13. The Gentleman Scientist

    You also look cool when you're completely covered in hair.
  14. Ask the Tree!

  15. Bugzilla

    The Vulture is simply amazing...
  16. Bugzilla

    Awesome knight!
  17. Hello 'n' welcome to my profile... Here you can find my pathetic comments on stuff i don't know about!