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  1. ._______________.

    1. Halved


      You are still here?!

    2. Winterbird
  2. Trolls

    Wise comment. Agree.
  3. True, he's the kind you don't want in your gang.. XD
  4. Look, I'm sorry the guys on the RP have been rude, but maybe you should find out how this thing works before commenting on it. See,Ya

    1. Winterbird


      Hmm, i get them to be honest...

      I normally play some serious RP where noobs destroy's everything, it's annoying.

    2. Gaberrrrr


      heh, yeh, I feel yah.

  5. Carnatis Inviktus(Reserved)

    Np tho'. Happens when you mess with king wuintur. Why do you reply in the roleplay topic when you tell me not to, can't you just pm when you tell others to?
  6. Carnatis Inviktus(Reserved)

    Why? O_o
  7. Carnatis Inviktus(Reserved)

    Bloody tears = blood lust right?
  8. Ask the Tree!

    Do you grow dragon fruits 2?
  9. Ace's Doodles

    Luv da hat.