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  1. Which exactly font is used in menus and other places in original English version? I want to add Cyrillic right into it.
  2. Creating a translation using the PO Format

    Actually it's false. We can use any ASCII language right now. We Russians doing well with our translation, we just added characters to fonts and using Windows-1251 encoding. For Polish, I guess 1250 will be fine.I've made font with ciryllic, I can help with other letters, contact me if you bother. I don't use another facetypes, they are the same.
  3. Creating a translation using the PO Format

    I would like to help too. I'm fluent in English and my Russian is perfect x)But ABOVE ALL I would like to participate in font cyrillization process. I hate those ugly characters which most of localizators include in their "translations", I can recreate original shapes of glyphs as it was mentioned to be. I have an expirience in this activity. I made cyrillization for vector fonts, but I guess that Don't Starve has raster textures for glyphs. It's not problem for me in any case. Just need a tool to open and edit textures and some favour and effort from developers side. Please give us UTF-8 support )