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  1. I honestly would have prefered another expansion and would have paid in the double digits for it. I know a lot of people are going to be happy about multiplayer but I'm probably never going to touch it. Still can't complain about a free update, but I'd rather have the developpers spend their time on another awsome expansion. Here's to hoping this addition will bring a ton of new players to the game and that Klei will make another expansion !
  2. Thank you Klei for such an awsome DLC at such a great price. Here's to hoping that it'll be super succesfull, that you'll make a ton of money and that you'll want to make another DLC ! I'd like to see something with the sea (maybe even under the sea !), boats, other islands to explore with new biomes (tropical ones) and another level to the caves. I have a question : I had a bird in it's cage but it vanished or died I'm not sure, shoudn't that happen anymore ? Is it a bug ? Could it be caused by the bazzilion mods I have installed ? Thanks !
  3. I get you're point, I really do. I don't like OP caracters and it kinda makes me feel bad when I play Wigfrid cause it makes combat so damn easy. I think she should have more debuffs like not being able to sleep and having like 100 sanity. I disagree that it's fun playing with a bad caracter. To me, all caracters should have balanced abilities that make them good in certain situations and bad in others. Except Wes of course. Webbers abilities are just bad or trivial in all situations except for his beard ability, which was ripped off wilson. It makes him a chore to play and as it stands now, I'll never play as him because I hate his playstyle : it takes away elements that I love in the game and replaces them with badly implemented or unlogical mechanics. The world is already quite punishing as is in the DLC, I think that the new caracters should be fitted to better survice that world, not the opposite.
  4. I'm not sure about Webber at the moment. His beard ability is trivial except if it protects from the cold like you said, then it's quite a big +. But getting silk is soo easy that it's not really an issue. I mean common, 6 silk every 16 days ? Useless... His ability to eat monster meat is trivial because since you still loose sanity and he has a really low sanity, you still won't want to do it anyways. Finally, his "big" advantage is the fact that he can raise a spider army, which is awsome. But the spiders eat all of you're meat and it makes it really hard to get food which is not cool. It's also really hard to befriend spiders since you can only do it at night. I'd like to be able to befriend YELLOW spiders and raise a huge yellow spider army. Finally, pigs aggro you at like the edge of the screen and will almost pursue you to their deaths. I died on the first day spawning next to two pigs... Also, pigs can help you farm wood so much faster and it is bad that you don't get that bonus when playing as webber... Overall, my thought is just that if spiders are not as good followers as pigs or rabbits, why the hell would you want to play as webber except for the fact that the followers are permanent ? Finally, the fact the spiders and spider queens are neutrals is barely a bonus. They are by far the easiest monsters/boss in the game The fact that they attack chester and gloomer is also ridiculous. It would be a nice debuff if spiders were even more usefull and could aid you in doing tasks or anything, but as it stands now, it's just a pain I'd suggest to either have following spiders not attack gloomer and chester and not eat meat on the ground or give you a small delay to pick it up. Another option would be to leave it as is but make spiders generally more usefull when playing as webber like allow them to slowly help you mine trees and rocks. Maybe as webber you could also befriend spider queen by giving them like 10 spider glans. Or make spiders drop special materials when you feed them. Maybe you could even have the ability to hide in a spider den and if it gets attacked all of the spiders would attack your enemy. I just wish his special ability to have spiders follow you around had something special to it and more usefull. I want to like him but I really don't know if I will because every cool ability he brings to the table, seems to letdown something I dearly enjoy in the game. To make matters worse, anybody can "mimic" his special ability with a spider queen hat... EDIT : Added a bunch of corrections and ideas
  5. The season should definately be easier than others. I still agree that a unique gameplay element would make it awsome !
  6. There was a post about wind. I think that would be cool as long as it's not too OP
  7. I was having a bad time with winter and thought : "I'll be safer in the caves". Got down there, kept freezing, thought to myself : "hell no" and never went back in the caves again.