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  1. Fish Farm

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    A bit useless if it doesnt work during the winter, i mean, i have no problem getting food in the summer, adding 1 more option that only works during the summer is redundent.

    If you rather run around and spend your summer time collecting food be my guest.This mod lets you focus on other chores.This is the idea anyway.

  2. Fish Farm

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    Very nice idea and nice work :-)


    To make it more balanced I think I would increase the recipe materials required to the full cost of a bee-box + some extra planks and fish: 10 boards, 1 honeycomb, 4 bees and 2 fish (so they could reproduce :razz:).

    This way it's still not too expensive since you get honeycomb when you get the bees and it makes players choose if they rather want honey or fishes.


    edit: i just realized that there might be a limit of 3 components for crafting, if so then 10 boards, 4 bees and 2 fish would be fine.

    Yeah, I do need to make it 1 more fish.

  3. Thank you sir. Not only have you taken the suggestions of others to heart, but you even improved upon the true destructive power of this deadly meat. I believe that the recipe is spot on in difficulty as well as (let's just say) lore friendly with the use of the components. I hope you keep us serious players in mind with any future mods you make because when you do, you make a damn fine mod.


    Five stars for you good sir.


  4. I think a chance on finding a worm would be best.  ^^  That way you could find some in the cave rocks as will.   :grin:

    (As opposed to a certain kind of rock only)


    But ultimately it is your decision.  Thanks for the response.   :-)

    Silkworm is now found in caves
    Silkworm is now chance loot
    50% above ground and 60% in caves. Sound good or less chance?
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  5. I love this idea.  ^^


      But I feel that finding one every time you break a rock is a little op.  And when you cook it, it is better than berries.  With this mod it makes surviving on them a little op....   I love the feeding them to caged birds to make silk though, as a slightly easier alternative to farming spider nests.  But that makes it too easy with so many worms easy to get.  XD


    Of course this is your mod so if you don't feel like changing that it's fine.   :grin:

    Sounds like a good idea .Would you prefer a chance on worm with each kind or certain rock always has worm? 

  6. Ошибка: обезьяну можно ударить только один раз. Следующий раз можно ударить только после сохранения и загрузки игры.

    Use the spacebar like I said to do the skull cracking