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  1. Btw will you make mod like mobile cooker (pocket stove) ? I really want to cook my meat on the way, sorry bad english I'm asian

    I have made a mod called "Porta-Grill" and upped it on Steam to see how much it was wanted.It's doing pretty well.I'll up it here soon as i get a chance.It's not a crock pot ,but it works pretty well.


    you mean the luafile? modinfo?


     -- This information tells other players more about the mod

    name = "Wilson's House With Light"
    description = "My Very Own Mud Hut With Light"
    author = "Afro1967"
    version = "1.0"
    -- This is the URL name of the mod's thread on the forum; the part after the ? and before the first & in the URL
    -- Example:
    -- becomes
    -- 19505-Modders-Your-new-friend-at-Klei!
    forumthread = "19505-Modders-Your-new-friend-at-Klei!"
    -- This lets other players know if your mod is out of date, update it to match the current version in the game
    api_version = 4
    icon_atlas = "wilson_house_light.xml"
    icon = "wilson_house_light.tex"
    this one right? is this correct?


    Yes sir

  3. I love Waldo!

    Any chance for a update?

    I love afros by the way, as you can see in my avatar :razz:

    Just by name your my favourite modder, your mods are also amazing!

    open the info file in this mods folder and change the api from 5 to 4

  4. how to install?

    Go to your game folder, open it and find the folder called mods.Here is where you will unzip it.Then just click mod button in game and enable it.On my box the stand alone version is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\DontStarve

  5. Fish Farm

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    the api_version was 5...changing it to 4...lets see if it works fine now ^^...btw updated to DLC...

    The latest api version is 5 DLC or not.Please use the Fish Farm DLC version only if RoG is enabled in your current game.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Another rabbit hole mod maybe or icon of the same as this mod has.


    So I deleted the old version I had and download the latest one but now it's not working, on the mods page it says 'to be enabled' however after I think it's enabled, it's not, and then the mod page says it crashed. any ideas?

    The other rabbit hole icon mod maybe or icon of the same as this mod has.

  7. Alikin


    I am having the problem aswell, 'the mod is outdated' is displayed however I have most up to date game, some other mods I have work but this one (which i am most excited about =)) does not work =(

    The mod is up to date.

  8. Hey, Afro! This is a great mod, however I'd like to make a request for an addition. It's a pain in the butt not being able to see carrots on the map. I often leave them behind early on because I tend to have a surplus of berries, then can't find them later. Also, what about manure? I was worried that adding these icons would cluster the map up too much, but I don't know. Let me know what you think? Thanks!

    Carrots have already been added.With the new DLC came changes,so I've made a DLC version for you guys.Please read before using. 

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  9. Fish Farm

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    okay i maybe completely mad or something!! but I can't find the option for making it!! o.0 so umm where do i find it plz?? :-)

    You should be able to locate it under the food tab