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  1. Freezer

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    Yes i did do that. Is that a problem? Plus i notice that it says ROG compatible = False does this mean this mod doesn't work with ROG or can i just turn this true.  


    Never Mind I happened to just never test it out on Don't starve without ROG it seem like you had the mod turn off when ROG was on in the Info file. I'm guessing you didn't want this mod to be used in ROG? My bad 

    You can look at the mod icons ingame and they will tell you if RoG,DS or Both are compatable.

  2. Freezer

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    Thais Weird i'm running on the very latest version that came out 2 day ago Build 104053 and the crafting for the freezer isnt showing up at all. i also disabled all the mods and just left freezer alone still doesn't show up

    I guess you deleted it and re installed  it.

  3. You should edit the recipe, I know how and I'll do it myself, but you should change the boards to two twigs. As it looks like in the pictures. Also, no alchemy engine required? It doesn't take rocket science to tie sticks together. (I hope I do not get hate, as I was just stating my opinions.)

    Makes sense but i can't just make the improved farm obsolete.

  4. So if i understand correctly, this eyebrella can only be repaired for 55 percent max. no second or third sewing kit repairs... is that right?

    Haven't looked at the stats or tested that far.

  5. Goats

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    If Mama goats will spawn only in desert and baby goats will have small horns, i probably can download this mod. 

    Mama goats spawn on small rocky patch of ground.Could do desert i guess.

    Horns removed and color changed for mama.See screens above.If you wanna use normal goat build and make small horns build for babies that would be great!

  6. Goats

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    Could you change the art to make Mama Volt Goat's neck, mouth and chest white, like the original goats? I mean, just change the blue parts for pink, but not the white ones XD! (Please don't write "do it yourself"; I have no idea of how mods work)


    PS: Sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina :grin:

    Horns removed and color changed.See screens above.

  7. Freezer

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    afro1967, the mod seems to cause ice to spoil, even if it's inside an ice box. Normally ice doesn't spoil inside of an ice box.


    Has this mod, perchance, been updated for DLC?

    I have a DLC version on Steam.