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  1. Hey man, i like a lot of your mods but have to say use none. The reason is simply, though the ideas and mechanichs are mostly awesome, the structures' images aren't. I mean the mud hut for example looks great, i guess. But the style (i mean the actuall drawing style, like how the edges are smoothed and stuff like that) just still doesn't fit in too well with the general game so i believe all your mods would greatly benefit if it was somehow possible for you to find someone (or maybe do it yourself, i dont know about your abilities) to work on the visual aspects of your mods. If for example all your extra structures would come in as one mod (now visually reworked) that is something i`d certainly download and suggest all my friends, cuz then it would be like a little DLC expansion of the game. But being reminded of its unnaturality everytime i look at it just sucks for a content.


    Reading it now it might sound pissy, but i actually meant to say how much i like your ideas and huge effort.

    TY for your input,i'll work on the art :))

  2. Shelter

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    doesnt say if you can sleep in it. but how long does the shelter last?


    hopefully lasts at least 20 days

    The shelter last forever. It's good for shade and rain protection in RoG.

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  3. Forgive me but I have never used a Mod before.  I have Don't starve installed and the RG update.  I downloaded the mod but it does not seem to be working.  How do I use it after downloading?  Thanks.


    Unzip the mod to your the don't starve mods folder. Open the game and select mods on main screen, then enable the mods you want to use.


    On a PC the folder is located here C:\Program Files (x86)\DontStarve\mods

  4. I play this game lots of time and only once i found Mac, and he drop the two what a luck considerate that's 25% of chance, but when i kill the little one it drops nothing, he in fact have nothing to drop or is just unlucky?

    he has nothing.

  5. Fish Farm

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    Fish Farm 1.2

    Now Base and RoG compatible.--> rly??? --> modinfo.lua -->


    dont_starve_compatible = false

    reign_of_giants_compatible = true

    I dunno wth happened there but it's all better now.

  6. So how exactly do I go about adding this to the game? I've added custom characters and all I had to do was click download and they were there. This seems to require a bit more heh.

    Maybe with Steam version of the game you did that ,but with mods downloaded from here, you have to unzip the mod into your mod folder. BTW this is on Steam,if you rather have the updates automatically downloaded.

  7. Hi there . I just extracted the archive into the mods folder and ran the game , then saw a "crashed" error in the tab , couldn't load or force enabling it , I would be glad If you give a little guide

    I would have to see your log.txt to have any idea.

  8. I get no crashes, and i use "All is well that Maxwell". Can both types be installed at the same time, or do they conflict?

    Also, when i leave the Tiki's area the flame gets much much larger, but when i get close to it, i gets smaller, is the normal?


    i currently use the "Always on Tiki Torch".

    Yes that's normal, in case your running back or venturing out and need a bit more light.

    Yes the mods are compatible.

  9. Does expert mod increase the silk gain or is it only harder crafting and maybe more to the collecting and case/spider care?

    You can change the recipe to suit youself in mod config.There is more silk and more danger.

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  10. I want to see that Charlie brown atlas in a mod so I can Don't Starve-ize it.

    This is a neat mod, it adds something you could do in real life.

    Charlie is ready for release if someone was willing to do his speech strings