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  1. I hope not being here for almost a month doesn't count as forgetting. I've just been trying to practice drawing other fan art during that time. And I'm glad to know my art can be someone's favorite.
  2. Old practice draw of Wolfgang and Webber. I don't know, I thought I'd make Webber tiny.Anyways, I must say I am slowing down on the Don't Starve fan artwork. It's because there are plenty of other things I'd like to draw. (I've been watching a lot of Dan Vs. and playing less of Don't Starve.) I'm sorry, but I want to draw what I want to draw.
  3. Yeah definitely! I've finally reached my goal and dream! Yay!
  4. Thanks for the approval! And yeah, I'm really happy about the feature! and before my slow down of DS fanart too.
  5. You can also draw amazingly by traditional art, but I don't, I don't want to sacrifice another lamb.
  6. Practice a billion times, examine other good artwork and learn why they good, look up tutorials. I can't directly teach you how to draw, you have to gain the ability yourself and find your style.In other words, I'm not too good with the tutorialization.
  7. Ah thank you so much!! I've finally reached my dream, I am so very glad you liked my art! Well now to answer your question, I would say Krampus took a like 2-3 hours my guess (I don't really keep track on time.) and for WX-78, I know he took way longer, took most of the day because of all of the colours I was figuring out to use and adjusting them a lot. It was a bit different from what I normally would draw, but I really liked how it came out!Again, thanks a bunch for the feature and the compliments, I'm so happy!!
  8. "I am not sure how I feel about... science."
  9. "Look Ma! My first catch!"My goal for today was to draw Wolfgang, but then I accidentally Webber'd. I'm proud of this one.
  10. Yeah I think I'll draw Wolfgang and Wendy... I just need to practice drawing Wolfgang first, I haven't drawn him yet!And sorry for being a little dead, been working on other things. Till the next draw, have some WX-78
  11. So amazing at pixels! I also think the Human!Krampus is just the best.
  12. Yeah, I'm starting to like WX-78 more and more, though I don't usually draw robots, I find it a bit easy to draw him. I'd play more of him, but there's been a bit of a slowdown when I played lately!I probably should draw more other characters and possibly interacting with each other.... or less cute nonsense and more insanity, idk!
  13. All this time I've been fooled.(Am sorry, though Maxi came up with the scenario, I just drew my own idea.)
  14. Yes pretty warm, idk when I was drawing a cat wilson, I was thinking of a werecat so added more fur. If I had the time and energy, I'd make cat wilson a character ingame, less freezing during winter and stocking up my fridge full of fish and crock pots full of fish sticks.
  15. I've also seen this on DA, I really like this Webber! Very nice art!
  16. No one wants to talk about how Wilson has 50% more body hair? No, just me... possibly Maxi?... Alright.
  17. While I'm at it...Kitty WilsonPerks: Can only eat fish, but fishing rod not required.
  18. No problem! and it would've been a crime not to post this!
  19. Could've sworn this was bigger. *shrug*
  20. "I really cant imagine Wes being able to talkLike what would he say?would he even speak english?"