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  1. Game always crashes if I'm playing on the new Beta of Shipwrecked on Reign of Giants map and immediately after finding a Varg after looking up his dirt piles. The error message says something about "SummonHounds" in the log, I've switched back to the normal version of the game and it didn't crash anymore after finding varg. It happened to me 3 times, stopped happening after I switched the versions back.
  2. So trying to solve that puzzle was something we're doing to get a payoff out of it? no, solving the puzzle or trying to, was a fun experience for all of us, I enjoyed it, sure I failed at finding something of interest, but I did what I could, I've contributed to solving it, so did many other people. The fun of the puzzles is not knowing where we're going, making speculations, and communicating together, if it turned out to be something other than what we thought is the right thing, for me at least, that's absolutely amazing, quite literally, Amazing, surprising, fascinating. We were a 100% percent sure that mutliplayer will never come out in Don't Starve, we had our hints, "Alone, not alone" "Alone, and together" but we didn't even THINK, in the slightest, of any possibly of this puzzle having something to do with multiplayer. Was it like the last puzzle? where we waited about 2 weeks, and downloaded a mod, played it, solved the morse code, Exordium'ed ourselves, and found that last missing piece of what exactly happened, in the grand finale? no, was this Puzzle fun tho? HELL YES, I didn't even think we'd get another puzzle, so I'm glad we did, (not trying to silver line anything in here btw) cuz it was an overall fun experience, and to feel the rush of HYPE and EXCITEMENT again, it's a good feeling. This one was a bit different, and it's better off to be different, sure Klei could have made the puzzle a bit more interesting at the end there but all in all we would've gotten the same conclusion, Don't Starve Together.
  3. Have read the entire thread? if not, you better not make a fool out of yourself.
  4. I don't get it, you're dissapointed in the fact that DS is getting mutliplayer? or the puzzle's conclusion ? Because both of which are absolutely mind blowing and awesome, so I'm guessing you're against the idea of mutliplayer in the game.
  5. Wilson is so happy because he's about to go to the DS MOON !
  6. He looks kind worried? like "eh?" confused?, that thing looks like a paper, maybe the map from earlier or a recipe, why is he holding a rock in the other hand like he's about to hit the map with it or whatever that thing is. hnng.
  7. ^haha xD it just happens that i was pressing f5 f5 f5, i didnt even think i'd change, and boom there it is Edit : here's the link
  8. So they are actually delivering this one in a comic kind of style like I assumed Edit : Is he looking at the same "not crazy" map?
  9. new page just appeard, refresh guys
  10. I'm back, seems like not much happened since I left, I'll be refreshing the page all day and see if it changes
  11. Well instead of adding more nonsense I think I'll be on my way right about now, had a blast with this puzzle it truly was an awesome experience, Hopefully I don't come back with 50+ more pages.
  12. yeah i noticed that, maybe this picture is taken out of another one that is a whole, as you can see the lines of this one seems cut. Edit: maybe they'll deliver this one in a Comic kind of way
  13. Even after the puzzle got solved, devs were hinting for us to go back to the whole Castor and Pollux thing, not sure if they were trying to show us the RIGHT way that we were supposed to figure it out, or try to hint us about something else, maybe we were supposed to play as Wendy or even Maxwell and do something? maybe as wendy if we wait till the night and wait for her sister to appear something would've happened? just a thought.
  14. +1, made me laugh out loud (also ur comment goes well with your picture )
  15. yeah, or at least that's what we believe will happen.
  16. you see the little line above him, like the previous puzzle, it's probably gonna change daily and get added by a new line, and keep changing daily to a certain point in which something will happen
  17. i dont recall reading his post with that edit !
  18. wait, this is not over yet?! i don't know if I should be happy or crying by now
  19. nah it's not that, usually when there's a puzzle, when we see any new user that contribute to the puzzle by hinting out on something or solving something, we always assume it's one of the devs trying to help us, I dunno why lol we're so paranoid because usually the new user register less than 10 minuts ago and his first post ever is on the puzzle thread xD
  20. new users, new users everywhere !
  21. It was also noted the the "c" in "crazy" alternates between upper and lower case. The 2nd, 6th, and 10th "crazy" are upper case, as is the final "not". The relevance of this is yet to be discovered. It may relate to the numbered notes, or it may be a red herring. Multiple red herrings have been found already, including one that directly linked to the wikipedia page for "red herring". The wikipedia page for the Antikythera mechanism also gave us a few more leads. We found this quote which again mentions the number 17, as well as "gears", an item in game. Some research and google mapping of Antikythera, the Greek island the device was named for, showed us that it has more possible connections to our puzzle, although that has yet to lead anywhere. I know I've left out post of the stuff about code people have discovered, most of which just reinforces other clues we have already deciphered. Hopefully this helps some people catch up. I'll post again soon, but I can't even catch up myself. 4 additional pages have been added just while I was typing up this post... Well the puzzle has been already solved ;/ I know that feel of trying to catch up with a thread.