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  1. HA..ahahahah!! Your best deaths!

    I made a new world as wes with max tallbird. I spawned next to 3 and they attacked me while still spawning. I died before i started the game
  2. HA..ahahahah!! Your best deaths!

    Well one time as Wes, I started a new world and spawned directly next to 2 tall bird nests. The moment Maxwell started doing his intro thing I was already being attacked by 2 tallbirds. After both hit me one I finally noticed what was happening and clicked my screen to skip the intro, whenever I do this though my game freezes for a split second, and in this time I got hit yet again... and i died. I literally died 1 second after the game started T.T
  3. Pelontrix

    Sir Mentlegen posted this thing on my thread too lol