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  1. Even more junk to add to the heap. (Yes I know I made another thread, I just wanted to update this more than the other one)
  2. oh goodness. I got this hold on guys.
  3. Even more drawings.Also should I keep this in ONE thread only instead of making multiple?
  4. It's just like Butter, just keep killing Butterflies till you get it.Also, I haven't encountered Krampus yet. I'm just not that evil.
  5. I'll probably upload more. One with...hallucinations?
  6. I am so proud of myself.Rosetta Stone is my victim.
  7. I checked the Wikia, and it doesn't. Unless fish is bugged which I'm pretty sure it is.Here's the Wikia link for Fishsticks so we don't get into a big argument.http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Fishsticks
  8. I'm pretty sure that FishSticks heal a lot. As I type this I'm on the wikia and:it says it heals you by 40. You don't need a lot to make it. Just a fish, a twig, and 2 monster meat. Good thing I live near a pond.