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  1. I just found out that if you put a tallbird's egg too close to a fire, it'll burn, however, putting it to far away causes it to freeze. This made me think that there is a certain 'heat-system' that measures the temperature around a fire. If that's the case, I wonder whether this mechanic could be implied on the idea of melting snow.If the area is too hot, the snow won't appear/will melt. If the area is too cold (too far away from fire) snow appears/stays.
  2. Haha, the idea is great, but realisticly it is very hard to integrate that in the game...
  3. Thank you for the appreciation. I'm glad I've supported the game in any way . I hope the idea gets applied, would love to see that
  4. I came up with the idea when I noticed that snow just never melts, untill winter's almost over.I thought at nights of winter: hey, it'd be usefull if that snow around my fire would melt to keep things visible.Though I'm not a programmer of any kind (except VBA ), I thought that adding this subtle effect could improve the game a little bit.Every update of Don't Starve, had all these little new things, it were things small and subtle effects I really liked in the game. Which all combined, make a great game.I thought I'd mention it, since nobody has done it. And it'd be a nice little effect, which just adds to the game.