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  1. 18 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

    Thanks but my character has more dragon-like ears (if they had them) and I'm not looking for super realistic, just simple and cutesy.

    Understanding and referencing real life things can be helpful, even if you're drawing cartoons.

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  2. Nobody ever talked about Cthulhu making a combat appearance. All that was asked for on this thread is cthulhu making an appearance in DST, even if it's just a reference or joke.

    I dunno, Cthulhu making appearances of any kind in games seems kinda over-used. Plus, as far as I'm aware, Don't Starve almost exclusively uses original creatures. The only exception I can think of off the top of my head is the Krampus, and he doesn't seem to have gotten a lot of support from the devs. So, yeah, I don't think Cthulhu would fit very well.

    EDIT2: No why a dragon?! Dragons are way more overused than squidmen or alike.

    He said Dagon, not dragon. No r.

  3. Yeah but for that early on your Options suck hard. Been farming for a Medusa Head for like 3 hours on my new full magic playthrough (i know it's not that good but i just want it for the sake of having it). Otherwise you have the Gemstaffs, Waterbolt (of you lucky and one spawns high up in the Dungeon) and maybe the Demon Scythe if you can farm Hell good enought.


    Even then a lot of the decend early HM Magicweapons are random drops like the Nimbus Rod or the Clingerstaff (quite usefull). And then there are ones like the Meteorstaff what sounds good on paper until you realise that it eats through your Mana rather quickly. That in general one of my big gripes with magic a lot of the endgame weapons sap mana like it's nothing and you really have no decend option for just dealing with some regular enemys like the Gemstaffs early on (7 mana for the Rubystaff is ok and with 300 mana you can shoot a long time).

    Well, there's also the vile thorn, which is good for hitting enemies when you don't want them fighting back, and the the space gun. Although the latter might only be good because it's free with the meteorite armor.

    Early hard mode, you can get the shadowflame hex doll, but that's just random chance because you have to get a goblin invasion early, and then it has to drop. And, by the way, having to deal with the stupid goblin summoner early in hard mode sucks and I do not recommend it. But I remember that one because I killed the Destroyer with it, and it was the last big thing I did with magic. Well, until I found the last prism today, which has turned out to be my favorite of the end game weapons.

    I agree about mana usage. It seems almost like they expect you to be using mana potions, but if you do use potions, you're penalized to the point where you'd be better off not using magic in the first place. I don't get it.

  4. I finally beat the Moon Lord in expert mode! After I made a rather different arena, I had relatively little trouble. That is, aside from running out of healing potions and having Mothron spawn near the end of the fight. So, I guess there's not much left for me to do, except... beat the Moon Lord a whole lot more for the rest of the good items. The lunar invasion thing is still a big pain in the butt.

    On a different topic, I'm disappointed that I haven't been able to figure out how to use magic seriously in hard mode. Before that, jungle armor, demon scythe, and a few magic-enhancing accessories were quite effective. But in hard mode, it seemed like magic weapons not only chewed through my mana supply, but also didn't deal damage as fast as the melee and ranged weapons I had. Oh well.

  5. Or do you mean a stick-your-head-right-into-that-mud-ceiling?

    Uh, if that's the enemy I'm thinking of... I believe their AI has them try to hover a set distance above the player. This means that you've got to stay close to any ceiling you create, because if you go too far below it, they'll follow you down. I could be wrong as I've only faced the Martians a couple of times, but that's how I remember it.

  6. Well, I found something pretty cool in my new Terraria world. Spoilering it because discovering it was most of the fun.

    I was tunneling near the surface, hoping to find a cave or something, when I noticed a perfectly straight vertical shaft, one block wide. Was this some sort of weird mistake in world generation, where there's a gap in the terrain through the entire world? Following it upward, I found that it ended several blocks beneath the surface, as if it was supposed to be hidden. Now hoping that I had found something cool, I traced the shaft downward and entered an oddly symmetrical cave at the bottom. This is what I saw:


    It was as if, long ago, this sword had fallen out of the heavens and buried itself in the earth. For untold years, it had waited in that stone for some hero to happen across it and use it to triumph over a great evil.

    It's a shame that the hero will never find it, because I stole the Enchanted Sword from the stone.

    That was kinda an anticlimax, because I've seen that weapon before, and I already have a fiery greatsword. But it's still a pretty awesome setpiece.

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  7. So i'm suprised no one has heard of it or at least made a post about it but next week on Thuesday Terraria releases it's 1.3 update.

    Er, is that supposed to be Tuesday or Thursday? :razz:


    -Steamintegrated Multiplayer meaning that MP is not peer to peer like before

    Sweet. Maybe I'll actually manage to play multiplayer this time. Anyway, it's been a while since I've been interested in Terraria, but I'm looking forward to this now.

  8. I was thinking about trying to post something that was either fun or contained a fact, but, with the direction this thread has gone in, I figure either of those would be considered off topic. Oh well.

  9. This past update is beginning to make me antsy. I mean, everything seems to be working out wonderfully for everyone. Nothing bad is happening! It's unnatural! When's the bottom gonna fall out?

    Also, kind of surprised that the Saw theme was used for MSPA Reader: Mental breakdown. Like, all the music used so far has been original, and there's certainly plenty of unused songs from plenty of Homestuck albums to choose from. I guess it's not Too far out there, considering that Saw references have been used for both Li'l Cal and Caliborn, but still... I guess I'm a little disappointed.

    Of course, Moonsetter being used in the following flash was awesome.

  10. Post your favorite quotes.




    Wow, it's actually been long enough since I've read it that I can't really remember my favorite quotes, but I'll have a go at it anyway.


    GG: oh god please dont tell me your computer was in the wallet you just gave that guy.....

    GG: dammit john!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GG: one of these days you will learn the value of having plenty of backup computers

    GG: in fact whenever you finally leave the battlefield i am going to give you the code for a nice pair of lunchmuffs

    GG: and then i am going to force you to keep them on your head AT ALL TIMES!

    GG: yeah, youre never going to read this are you :|

    And of course the related quote:

    'Does he even have a computer on him?? He should try to have more foresight, and carry no less than 5 computers on him at all times, like a sensible person.'

    Well I guess that's mildly amusing. I tried.


    Whelp. 8 replies in and we've already got people bashing Homestuck.

    Person. Singular. Grammar, Blazingice. And that person is known for posting garbage anyway, although admittedly it's usually less mean-spirited garbage.

    As for today's update, it appears that Gamzee... didn't last long in that fight. It seems almost like Gamzee getting sliced in half is becoming a regular occurrence, and I venture to hope this is the case.