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  1. I can't wait for this semester to be over already.

  2. I can't...

    1. Sporb


      Well, you see, it's just. And then... I. But.

    2. ImDaMisterL
    3. KidneyBeanBoy


      I can relate... although, I-er, what I mean to say is what're you're experiencing is, despite.

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  3. Homestuck is updating again :o

    1. Sporb


      Okay that emoticon is way too worked up. Let's try this instead:


  4. I am writing this status update instead of working on my research paper. Hurray!

    1. ImDaMisterL




  5. Occasionally, something interesting happens around here.

    1. Mack18853


      Occasionally, a dog chews a bone somewhere.

    2. Sporb


      Surely not!

  6. B33

    1. DwerBomb


      *starts to purr a sick beat!*

    2. Sporb


      Yeesss. Just don't expect me to flex to it.

    3. Mack18853


      caw caw motherf*ckers!

  7. TF2 just updated with a ton of balance changes. I'm kinda tempted to play again.

  8. They Bleed Pixels just updated, yay! And it's on sale on Steam... but I already have the game :\

  9. I need help procrastinating!

    1. Mack18853


      Nah, I can do it on my own.

      *runs into bedroom and turns on tv*

      Yea, you get 'em, Annie!

      *eats salad*

    2. Sporb


      Bluh, how am I supposed to procrastinate then. I'll have to, like, go play a video game or something... sigh.

    3. Mack18853



      *hands you five bags of chips and anime dvds*

      Have fun.

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  10. Apparently I sometimes enjoy hanging out in the rain.

  11. Ori and the Blind Forest looks really, really cool.

  12. I wish people would stop asking me for directions :(

    1. Auth


      Which way to mars?

    2. Sporb


      Up. Approximately. Or maybe down. Or east or west. It depends on the time of day. Look, the first step is to get off the earth, and then, uuummm...

  13. Splatoon looks like it might end up being pretty cool. :)

  14. Looks like Steam is experimenting with live streaming. That sounds interesting. I wonder if it's why I keep losing connection to the Steam network.

  15. No no no it's too early for Christmas!

  16. It's like Maxwell is eagerly listening for the next line of I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew. XD I... really don't think I should keep him waiting.

    1. The Letter W

      The Letter W

      He's listening for the harmonies.

    2. Sporb


      I'll try to not let that make me nervous.

    3. jangofet


      I hope you haven't googled Midnight Crew anytime recently.

  17. Ugh, I'm still terrible at leaving messages in others' profile feeds. It's not actually that hard, is it.

  18. If it turns out that BioShock Infinite involves time travel as well, I'll probably be pretty happy.

    1. Zomsabra


      Who dosen't love a good time travelin?

  19. You know, I'm actually liking my dumb new avatar more than I thought I would.

  20. I somehow managed to write 'biologically benign' as 'biologically divine.' I... I must be more tired than I thought.