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  1. Quote


    tb : PROCESS
            reset <= '1';
          WAIT 10 ns;
            reset <= '0';
            --wait wait wait wait waitouagshsg

    WARNING:HDLCompiler:1369 - Line 64: Possible infinite loop; process does not have a wait statement



  2. Did you see Toby Fox did a Q&A thing with the Undertale characters for the anniversary?


    Is this old news?

    1. DragonMage156


      No I didn't know this. I'll give it a read :)

    2. DragonMage156


      Wait... I saw this. It's all the same question :/

    3. Sporb


      Aw. But yeah, I'm pretty sure it all being the same question is the joke. And it's still pretty entertaining, anyway.

  3. Homestuck is updating again :o

    1. Sporb


      Okay that emoticon is way too worked up. Let's try this instead:


  4. I am writing this status update instead of working on my research paper. Hurray!

    1. ImDaMisterL




  5. I have recently returned from about 5 days with no internet. Thank goodness.

    Oh, and I suppose I might as well post this thing I drew here. 



    Uh... explanations are available upon request.

  6. Oh!


    This reputation milestone snuck up on me!

    I've been around here for a long time, haven't I.

  7. Posting videos you've watched to status updates is a thing, right?


  8. So I really like Dance with the Dead


  9. Sometimes I feel frustrated that my interactions here are almost exclusively limited to drawings. Not that I don't enjoy that, but it's something I don't always have time for, and it doesn't necessarily encourage conversation.

    Maybe that will change when I play Hot Lava or Oxygen not included, but I don't really need any new games right now...

  10. Sorry I've been around here less than usual. Not that I'm worried about depriving people of my presence or that anyone was likely to notice, but I feel bad anyway.

    Recently, it's just been harder than usual for me to say anything here without feeling like a total nuisance. Which has more to do with me than anything external of course.

    But yeah, I hope you enjoyed this poor, self-indulgent explanation no one asked for.

  11. Swearing advisory. Still a funny moment though.


  12. All this Starbound talk! I'm beginning to feel left out. :(

    1. Sporb


      Because I just bought a couple of games and Starbound keeps being compared to Terraria. I'm not done with Terraria just yet.

  13. Apparently I sometimes enjoy hanging out in the rain.

  14. Argh Nuclear Throne takes Way more concentration than I'm used to for video games.

  15. B33

    1. DwerBomb


      *starts to purr a sick beat!*

    2. Sporb


      Yeesss. Just don't expect me to flex to it.

    3. Mack18853


      caw caw motherf*ckers!

  16. Does anyone else cringe when they see the phrase 'too OP?'

  17. Does this poem make my sig look big?

  18. Er, is there anything to do around here anymore?

    1. DwerBomb


      We HAVE to make that game. The Forums Adventure Rpg, I mean.

    2. Hugo M.

      Hugo M.

      We could always start a silly thread, I'm just waitin' for a brave hero do to one.(I thought about makin' one, tho)

    3. Sporb


      Oh, yeah, the forum RPG. I dunno, I like forum related projects and that could be cool... but so far it hasn't really captured my imagination. Are random threads our only recourse, then?

  19. Has anyone read The Island of Dr. Moreau? Because I recently had a dream about it, ugh.

  20. Have I seen you on Steam? Your avatar looks veerry familiar.

    1. Syndrix


      Possibly, I have been on steam a long time on many games. However I do play this game on ps4 currently.

    2. Sporb


      I see. Well, I go by Yeouch on Steam if that means anything.

    3. Syndrix


      Pretty sure I am syndrix there or syndrixxx not sure if it goes by display name or account name.

  21. Hey guys, like my new avatar? It's awesome isn't it! I mean, wow.