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  1. Gah. I wanted to prototype everything I could possibly need before leaving world 1 of adventure mode. I'd gotten all the pieces, found the Thing, got my walking stick and Tam O' Shanter, prototyped everything that didn't require the Shadow manipulator. But with all the trees I'd cut down by this point, I still hadn't gotten a Treeguard. I did nothing but run around chopping down trees, and I went through 3 whole Luxury axes before I finally woke one up. I thought that it would be nice if they spawned a few Treeguards at the beginning of the game, because even if I had to search the whole map before finding one it would still be much less frustrating than what I'd just gone through. My map seemed to be without Beefalos, and I was pretty sure I'd searched everywhere big enough to hide a biome, but decided to completely explore the map in case I was wrong. What did I find in the last place I explored? Upwards of ten Treeguards wandering around. And then lightning struck. I waited for the flames to subside, and then had the pleasure of felling a Treeguard with two hits.
  2. World 1, "The Game is Afoot".I didn't find any food the first day, but just before the sun set on the second day I found a bunch of berries. I built a fire and started roasting them, but before I had even finished that some spiders wandered up and attacked me.They chased me in a circle around my campfire all night as I fought them off.When the sun rose, I was almost dead, but there was only one spider left.Suddenly I was starving, and before I could get enough distance from the spider to eat something, I starved to death.
  3. In addition to charging tentacles while trying to pick up loot, I also sometimes pull out my axe, select a good tree for felling, and then charge after a spider 20 feet away.I think the simplest/least disruptive solution would be to make something else + force non-combat actions. Shift? Alt? And while they're at it they could make it so you could interact with structures using the action key.Maybe make the default priority for the action key:Attack hostiles -> Pick up items -> Use tool -> Collect from farm/crock pot/drying rack -> Open containerCtrl + space is attack anything, and shift + space is the above list minus attacking.