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  1. Army of Treeguards :O

    Decided to start a game with Wendy while playing I noticed a Treeguard when I went to investigate more there was a whole bunch of them ha
  2. Army of Treeguards :O

    I was so confused when I saw it at first lol. Then I looked on youtube to see if anyone else had a similar thing happen to them but couldn't really see any.
  3. In this playthrough I'm going to show you how to survive the first 50 days my way I also find 2 Mandrake
  4. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=DreamingNedThanks again
  5. BAD BLOODY LUCK :( lol

    I'm kinda still new to this game and was totally prepared for winter until that happened , God dammit lol
  6. Hey peopleI have yet to record days 10-15 so let me know what I should be doing :DThank and if you enjoyed the vid hit the subs button for constant Don't starve vids
  7. Check it out, I'll bring another highlight video of Wickerbottom Soon
  8. Playthrough with Wickerbottom :) (Sad times)

    Indeed, although I failed hard with her :/. I went into the Marsh biom not really knowing the dangers that come with it Post tips on my video if you will ahha
  9. Hey all!So I'm doing a playthrough atm and am doing 12 min videos with highlights of 5 days a time. I've just released the first video day 1-5 and have recorded and will be uploading the other video from day 5-10! So any tips and whatnot would be helpful
  10. Preparing for Winter & How I'm looking in general!

    My new playthrough with Wickerbottom