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  1. Up and Away

  2. Up and Away

  3. Up and Away

    Whenever I try to climb up into the sky realm, it loads for about a second and then crashes. I'm using Windows 8 Don't Starve Where There's a Wilson Rev.102572. The only mods I have is this and MemSpikeFix. Crashlog: scripts/worldgen_main.lua:480: attempt to index local 'level' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/worldgen_main.lua(480,1) =(tail call) ? =(tail call) ?
  4. Madman's Fighting Pack

    It is. Nightmare is before Moderately.
  5. Oh ****!

    Why would you need this?
  6. Character - Pyramid head

    You could give him his blade from the movie and games making it do 26 or 30 damage.
  7. Break The Ice

    Awesome!I can stock up on food now instead of almost dying of hunger!
  8. A Don't Starve Creepypasta

    I can tell this is a story.All creepy pastas are glitches or fake.