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  1. @pepalito, Yeah, I personally suggest mention tags in most cases. (unless you're highlighting a part of a post.) As for your first problem, did you make the tail images transparent or did you delete the files or folder? You actually need all the images in order for it to work, whatever part you don't want you can make transparent. If you did delete it, I suggest going into the esctemplate_cleared folder, (Which has transparent versions of the character images.) and getting the tail images from there. I am not sure what the second problem is. (maybe it's a typo of "inst"?)
  2. To my knowledge, editing the .scml file via notepad/++ is pretty much the best way to do it. (as doing it in the png files may cause some animation problems.) I am sorry I hadn't replied sooner, though I admit I am not completely sure what the problem might be. Though to narrow it down, I do suggest double check everything that references the png file like the xml, and modmain. It might also be an idea to check the png itself just in case. (both the name and image.) So you only edited the character's name in the template so far? Is it the art or the whole character that's missing? If it's the character, then I am quite puzzled on what it could be.
  3. Check out part of this tutorial, after the art bit there is some info regarding changing stats and making a custom item. What is it you are editing? It looks like it's having a hard time finding the 'speech_arthur' lua, check both the modmain lua and the custom speech lua and make sure they both spell 'speech_arthur' the same way.
  4. Hmmm, it's a bit hard to tell for sure, but I think you're missing an ")" somewhere in the modmain.lua.
  5. @DragonDePlatino, @Sabeku, Ah, so that's what the problem is, I can't say I know how to solve it as I haven't messed with any of it before or know a work around... though I am curious... have you tried messing with the timeline id numbers? They appear to go in order starting from face and ending at tail. @bpl1234, If you are replacing "esctemplate" then use all lowercase letters nothing else, I also suggest doing just a small part of your mod's name rather than the whole thing. For example if my mod was to be called "Mod Test Character" I would replace "esctemplate" with "modtestchar" If you see all caps like this "ESCTEMPLATE" then do the replacement all in caps as well, for my mod it would look like this "MODTESTCHAR". Now if you're wondering about the name people will see in the game... For the character name you'll see in game you type in the quotes here: In the modmain.lua: GLOBAL.STRINGS.CHARACTER_TITLES.esctemplate = "The Sample Character" --This is the character's titleGLOBAL.STRINGS.CHARACTER_NAMES.esctemplate = "Esc" --This is the character's nameGLOBAL.STRINGS.CHARACTER_DESCRIPTIONS.esctemplate = "*Perk 1\n*Perk 2\n*Perk 3" --this is the character's descriptionGLOBAL.STRINGS.CHARACTER_QUOTES.esctemplate = "\"Quote\"" --This is where you would put the character's quote.And if you want to change the mod title which people see when enabling the mod from the mod menu: in the modinfo.lua: name = "Extended Sample Character"description = "A character template."author = "author name"version = "1.0.3" -- This is the version of the template. Change it to your own number.You just edit what's in the quotes. Hopefully I didn't make that confusing.
  6. @DragonDePlatino, I might know something. Are you adding the wings via the hairpigtails folder or via the torso folder? If you're doing it by torso... then that's quite odd, did you save the torso image with the wings behind it as a png? or did you add a whole new torso image to the folder? @bpl1234, Is see the name of your mod's folder name has spaces and apostrophes, which is fine, though are you also using spaces and apostrophes for the name in the code and lua files?
  7. I am guessing the mod tools haven't compiled your character art, try moving the zip file that's in the anim somewhere else. The game should notice your mod doesn't have one, and then it'll compile your new character art. (At least that how it should work, I am having trouble compiling it currently.)
  8. Well, if we need some theories here to make it feel like home to theories posters, I guess I could re post my thoughts on the Watchers actually being Them theory. (Which came to be because of the puzzles if I am correct... so that counts right?)
  9. This should help.
  10. On the bright side, I don't have to read around 10 pages every time I visit/before I post. XD
  11. Yeah, because of posts like that, I sometimes wish I can like a post twice. XD
  12. I just noticed another interesting thing about the watchers, unlike the other shadow monsters, they apparently have emotions. (As you can see the watcher in the ruined 2 picture looks a bit angry, rather then it's normal in game watching look.) Seems like another hint that the watchers may very well be Them.
  13. Yeah, the intermission was/is very clever. Though now I wonder if we will have to wait for the DLC to get more puzzle/lore goodness, or well tomorrow. I see pros both ways. So, theory time! About those watchers, I to think the watchers are Them. (Though the idea of them being like cameras is very clever! I'll have to make that my backup theory.) Though yes, one thing I noticed about the watchers, is that they don't have hands... at least they don't show them. (Maybe they always keep them apart from themselves.) Another interesting thing is that the shadow hands never show what they belong to. Perhaps the shadow hands belong to the watchers, and the watchers are indeed Them. (Dun dun dun!) (That... or watchers just don't have hands, and the hands are just hands. XD)
  14. Yes, those numbers are indeed interesting, though it might be best to wait for your post to get edited so we know for sure. ^-^
  15. Whew, I finally read all the posts. o_O I must say, this has been a crazy ride, and It's been really fun at that. I guess I'll wait and see if any update happens tomorrow. Till, then... cya!
  16. Wow, a lot of posts were posted since I was last here, and... my title changed. o_O I got mixed feelings about it. I still can't believe the answer was so simple. XD (Good job, by the way NightsFire.) Well, I guess as far as this next one goes... we wait.
  17. Ok, I am going to repeat myself a little. Just in case my last two posts went unseen. (Sorry, I am a bit excited as you can tell.) Lets see here... 01-knock-knock02-quiet03-illuminate04-perplexing05-curiosity06-trapped07-introrsus (aka, inwards, inwardly, within, or internally.)08-regret09-panic10-remorse Now lets get the scale of the earthquake,Which was 7.7 to 7.9. (maybe even up to 8.3)So if we get picture 7 and 87.8 introrsus_regret Or image 7 and 9 7.9 introrsus_panic Did someone already try this? I am not sure how to do the link thingy. (Well, I guess I will call it a night for now. XD)
  18. One moment as I try matching a few scale numbers. 7.7 introrsus_introrsus 7.8 introrsus_regret 7.9 introrsus_panic 8.2 regret_illuminate Hmmm... has anyone tried these before, or something similar?
  19. By george, I think your onto something, what was the scale of the earthquake that took place in 1900? 7.8? Maybe that tells us what two image names to put together. So 07: introrsus & 08: regret? In other words being, "inward regret"? Hmmm... what was the scale of that earthquake? I can't get a clear number on it. I heard 7.7-7.9, or possibly up to 8.3
  20. Well, she did knock, and she was meeting Maxwell just to practice for the new finale. That doesn't seem to odd.
  21. Oh, looks like you didn't underline it. Neat, another hint! Here's a list of the names in case someone needs them. (Although I am guessing only the pictures with numbers are important.) 01-knock-knock02-quiet03-illuminate04-perplexing05-curiosity06-trapped07-introrsus (introrsus means inwards, inwardly, within, or internally if I am correct.)08-regret09-panic10-remorse...ruined It's funny, I recall one of the names being Latin for magician,though I don't see it now, I guess it was nothing.
  22. Ummm... sir, did you underline "names"?
  23. Neat! I wonder if we can get a confirmation that the images with numbers are tied to the numbers on the note shreds. If the images with numbers are tied to the numbers on the note shreds. Note shreds being tied to the images. Note shreds... tied to... images... (Okay... any time now... XD)
  24. Wow, I was actually around before a post was edited.