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  1. I'm sure there are other ways to implement an adventure mode without limiting one's character preference. It should probably have a different goal altogether fit for the fact there are multiple players.
  2. What would be the point of this? I don't think it's okay to limit what character someone wants to be.
  3. Being at XP cap doesn't show your level anymore, there's just a small "You Died" box.
  4. Winnie pretty much turned into Wigfrid. I doubt Klei would add two characters that use pretty much the same design. I am hoping for Wallace or Wortox though.
  5. Concept art is concept art though. Demoman is caucasian in concept art, that doesn't mean he's caucasian in-game. Valve has referred to pyro as both genders.
  6. Perhaps it accidently got shipped? It would not be the first time Klei has accidently shipped things. Maxwell's character portrait was in the game at least a month before he was playable.
  7. I'm pretty sure JoeW said the whole pyro thing was just something fun the dev team did. Whether or not it will actually be in the game in some form is up to Klei.
  8. That cut through affect caused some huge performance issues, which led to the cave walls being removed altogether.
  9. The bell already got nerfed pretty hard now that it wakes up sleeping creatures. The only practical use it has now is mass farming trees.
  10. Question is, what if someone is playing as the playable Maxwell in this? Would his playable character simply be unavailable? Or what it be from the perspective of Them?
  11. No console used. Most of those dens are from me going around the world, upgrading any dens I see to tier 3, then having the spiders attack their den so I can pick up the eggs without fighting with anything. About only 5 of those are from crafting. Setting up right next to a swamp also helps.
  12. Eh, I usually don't waste time with an ice staff. Extinguishing stuff with rot is just as good, unless you are trying to be fast about it. I was thinking about the Dragonfly, he's a bit tricky. I think pan flute and gunpowder is still the easiest way to kill him. Or simply keep putting some ash near him, which make him stop setting things on fire after eating 10 ash.
  13. I don't think they should smoulder. If they do though I'll just put some rot over them or something. In other news, I just discovered that Deerclops can freeze Spider dens. On the plus side, he moves slower over the webbing turf while Webber doesn't. So just putting dens everywhere just so that the webbing turf is everywhere can give you some advantages in combat.
  14. Winter came, I'm about to launch a war against 2 walrus camps. Edit: Success I also don't know why half of that stuff is in my inventory.
  15. Webber can craft new spider dens. A lot of the dens I'm simply going around the world with a spider army and snatching them, so I'm saving up paper for when I run out of dens to grab.
  16. So I played Webber for about 20 in-game days, and then this happened: I conquered the entire autumn biome, and half of a swamp. It all branched off from about 5 nests in the swamp, then I rapidly created more and more dens. My goal is to cover most of the map with spider dens. We'll see how long this will take. The most efficient method is to locate some dens, upgrade them to tier 3, then hire the spiders to attack their own den and get the eggs. Repeat for every spider den. Combine it crafting a few dens every now and then, and you'll end up with infinite monster meat, silk, and friends. Bad part about this: RIP Chester. They seemed to leave Glommer alone for whatever reason, so he replaced Chester as my new best friend.
  17. I'd go with another dimension or realm, from Maxwell's description of it.
  18. I get the feeling Nightmare Fuel is taking its toll on Wilson.
  19. During the last puzzle, we got a similar styled image when Charlie went into Maxwell's apartment, and the picture would advance forward every other day.
  20. So was the whole thing a red Herring and JoeW was going to give us the answer eventually, or was there actually something to figure out? EDIT: I guess it wasn't Joe. Maybe we aren't helpless...
  21. There's a telemark at the top again, which means it might progressively change like the last puzzle did.
  22. One of these three scenarios is happening: A: We are on the wrong track B: There is something small we are missing C: The puzzle is done for tonight and the entirety of Klei Entertainment is viewing this thread on a projector screen with lawn chairs and popcorn, laughing at what we come up with.