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  1. It's save integration. It was never said things like RoG biomes would be in Shipwrecked.
  2. I too am not very fond over the idea of having to chose over regular Don't Starve or Shipwrecked. While I'd learn to get over it if it is released as a standalone game, I'd much prefer it to actually be part of the regular game like Reign of Giants was. Why was it developed as standalone to begin with? That's my question. This is just childish. There's absolutely no reason to boycott the game or Klei in general over this. I don't agree with the decision either but that's many steps too far.
  3. I don't see how it could be any different aside from the controls.
  4. Way too early to tell, but given that Reign of Giants came out on consoles eventually, I'd imagine the same will happen to shipwrecked down the line. Thing is PC is the main and original platform, so everything must be developed there first before it can be ported to other platforms.
  5. So wait, did we end up accidentally trashing about half the puzzle and got the link early?
  6. Seems a bit iffy being developed by different people (or at least, co-developed alongside Klei), but I'll wait until we got more details on what's going on before really judging. I'm sure JoeW or Bigfoot will post a write up soon.
  7. Most likely, it's to entertain Them. Maxwell is the puppet master, the characters are his puppets, and the DS world is his stage. And They just watch, unless you get too close... Maxwell used to pull shadow creatures out of Codex Umbra to entertain his audience, so ironically he is forced to do the same with his own people after he is taken That's what I believe is the meaning behind why Maxwell did what he did.
  8. Wes and Maxwell aren't in because they were unlocked in adventure mode which doesn't play into DST right now. I think Maxwell would also have some problems lore-wise until more is explained.
  9. I'm surprised we did not have an electron microscope on the game file's until now.
  10. Probably some way to explain it is that people who die in the realm of Them have some property that allows them to be revived, while Abigail died somewhere different.
  11. I'm starting to think the lore has more to do with the stage idea. I've always thought of the DS world being Maxwell's "stage", where he would pull "puppets" out of the real world to entertain Them. The world generation screen also resembles a stage setup.
  12. Yep, there's something going on, without a doubt. Just a tip, you can control the video speed down to .25x, might help out a lot since a lot of the flashing text are no more than a frame long. Perhaps we can get this moved to the general discussion if we're not getting a lot of traffic here? Seems pretty fitting for things like puzzle discussions to be put in the "cafeteria" of the forum, per say.
  13. Build bee boxes near the flowers instead, the bees will just wander to their original hive if you just catch them and let them go.
  14. They're given by Klei, mostly from things that happened in the past. A bulk of them along with mine were given out during the last Maxwell puzzle for fun. I got mine because my posts have been ninja edited multiple times by Klei (I suspect JoeW, ) during the puzzles. Other's have gotten them just from being known for certain things, notably people here who draw art, and other well known members.
  15. It's mostly based off activity I believe, not sure of the exact things that alter it though, post count most likely plays in. Custom titles (Like mine) are given out by Klei on special occasions.