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  1. That Shipwrecked update also included the updated sounds from DST, so we can expect them to still come to singleplayer later.
  2. "The fire is supposed to go in the pit, Higgsbury." - Maxwell on Wilson. EDIT: Yeah there's some forum bug with text of the post being duplicated it seems.
  3. For when someone complains about the game being too hard.
  4. About the speed of a normal player holding down the chop button. Previously they were closer to Woodie's chop speed.
  5. The Codex acts like a crafting station so I suppose it makes sense to let it stay on the ground like any other crafting station.
  6. When it goes over 3, it will say "and X others" to the right, which you can then click on or hover it and see the rest. One of my posts for example:
  7. I'm figuring @nome is going to want a new profile picture drawn for him after all these may mays have thoroughly violated his current one.
  8. All the @nomeifications he is probably getting from this thread...
  9. Meaning they fixed the bug where the walking cane would increase a beefalo's speed while riding, but added a new mechanic to compensate.
  10. I've noticed some lines have been changed so that the names of other characters are mentioned less (ex. "Maxwell left his stuff out again" ---> "The magician left his stuff out again") It seems like an odd change IMO. Does that have to do with the fact characters in-game are reffered to by player name rather than character names, so saying "the magician" or "librarian" sounds more generic?
  11. That's better. In my opinion though, the products of the original thread are still the best.
  12. Whenever you emote with Maxwell's GOH head his old wrinkles show and overlap with the one's in his GOH skin.
  13. For a Maxwell meme thread, I can't help but notice there are a lot of non-maxwell memes.
  14. Does this include Maxwell's shadows? Got quite tired of people just attacking my shadow logger in a non-pvp game.
  15. It's part framed picture in Maxwell's apartment, from a previous puzzle. It was used quite a lot for memeing purposes due to how dorky Maxwell looked.
  16. More of a tribute to the old thread rather than a meme.
  17. Because the above method above isn't a bug technically. Monkey balls attracting monkeys whilst in a chest was a bug and thus was fixed. It wasn't hard to see it coming and if you used a bug as crutch then you need to learn to adapt.
  18. Wait, does this mean pirate parrots don't show their hats anymore, or was there a bug where all birds had hats in the birdcage (whether they were pirate or not)?
  19. I'm just now understanding the joke behind the update poster.
  20. RIP poison mechanics. Poison was already irrelevant outside of early game, now it's irrelevant everywhere. Just remove it from the game why don't ya.
  21. I made a new RoG world and crafted the Seaworthy as Maxwell. When I activated it, I was presented with the "New World" screen with Wilson as the selected character, and after I clicked the button to create a new world, the game crashed (log attached). Note that linking to an existing SW world works fine. Generating a new one however appears to be what crashes the game.