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  1. 500 oincs is nothing really, especially once the pigs are paying you tax. We needed something to spend all those piled up oincs on.
  2. I feel like it would have been less hassle to just let us craft it all in Hamlet, rather than making an entire store. But, it does give us a use for all the oincs that accumlate
  3. Pretty much everyone who has complained about this has moved on already and matured up. No need to beat on a dead horse.
  4. People are going crazy over who the new characters are while I'm over here excited about having more rooms in our houses.
  5. I assume this was because some new items in QoL require boneshards to craft but they didn't exist in the base game? Seems like a funny oversight, lots of base game only players were probably very confused.
  6. Should have made gobblers do 1000 damage and have 1000 health.
  7. When you try to place a column in the corner of an interior while renovating, the character does the work animation but nothing happens and your character just says "I can't do that." The oincs used to buy it are not refunded either.
  8. "It seems like she's claimed another victim" Correct me if I'm wrong, but Charlie's reign didn't start until DST, right? So it wouldn't make sense for Maxwell to say that she got another victim killed. Is this something leftover from DST that got mixed in? The other way I see it is that Maxwell refers to his own world when saying "her", if that's the case I suppose it'd make sense.
  9. No negatives as far as I can tell. (Unless you consider not having a beard a downside I guess.) Nothing in her .lua file suggests she has any hidden downsides either (like less damage). local start_inv = { "sewing_tape", "sewing_tape", "sewing_tape", } local function common_postinit(inst) inst:AddTag("handyperson") inst:AddTag("fastbuilder") end local function master_postinit(inst) inst.components.grue:SetResistance(1) end
  10. Uh oh, here come the subsequent complaints about not being able to cheese something anymore
  11. When you look at the puzzle thread expecting people to find something but it's really nothing
  12. The Minotaur was some sort of old friend to Maxwell (according the his examine line about the horn). Somewhere along the line it must have got exposed to fuel and ended up in the ruins.
  13. He says that when examining the relics. That line was in singleplayer too I believe.
  14. I had always assumed the shadow creatures are the transformed ancient people, considering it was stated in the past that the ruins are where the shadow creatures actually live. If that is actually the case then it only raises even more questions about what the hell happened to this world when Maxwell and Charlie got there.
  15. Gates, eh? Sounds a lot like the doors that were never added to singleplayer Unlike a lot of the stuff added recently in DST that would not canonically make sense in singleplayer, shouldn't gates/doors be one of the things that should be added to singleplayer at some point? Especially since the reason they weren't added to begin with was because "we just don't know how to do them yet".
  16. It all came from the Cyclum puzzle. It explains what happened after adventure mode. This thread lists all the comic pages unedited.
  17. This is intended I'm pretty sure - to make it so that you can't negate flooding by just replacing all the ground tiles with flooring. Put sandbags by the edges of sand.
  18. I'd imagine it's enabled by default. Your character skipping and spazzing around as you move is not a good first impression for new players.
  19. For a thread about Maxwell memes, there's been a lack of Maxwell memes lately. At least the old thread actually stuck to its theme. And I'm not counting the fact the OP was edited.