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  1. Nothing wrong with her balancing =/= fun to play. The latter is usually prioritized in singleplayer.
  2. Hamlet could use some more content on its own. SW has more content overall, but I think the impact Hamlet has on the entire game is much bigger than Shipwrecked. The insanity of end-game mega bases just increased several fold with The Key to the City and merged crafting. This DLC definitely caters to people who survive for a long time and want to have an end-goal objective with building complex cities. Remember when they first announced Shipwrecked years ago, they said it would be a standalone game that would not interact with regular DS or RoG at all? Then we made our voice heard and they allowed us to world hop with items and stuff under one roof. That was probably the best choice they ever made for this game, since this allowed us to have ALL the DLC in one effective world. The game has definitely come a long way since RoG wasn't even made.
  3. It's pretty stable right now on the interiors beta (which has all the new stuff right now). But that's why the next update is only in beta testing, so it will be even more stable when the DLC offically releases next month. Overall I think Hamlet is a great DLC and bring major changes across the entire game. Houses and shops in RoG/Shipwrecked, merged crafting, and a nice twist on everything. Developments been slow but it has turned out nicely.
  4. I think I do know a way to fix if if you haven't already. I've had something similar to this and this is what I did to fix it: All you have to do is get the character to enter an interior, which will reset the view. You can do this by doing c_gonext to a structure you can enter ("playerhouse_city" for slanty shanty, for example) and then pressing space to make the character enter. What is happening is your character is technically running around on the surface but since you didn't use the exit for the interior, the game doesn't adjust the camera and unload the interior because it never got the message too do so. So you're really around somewhere in the world but you can't see. So entering an interior should fix this.
  5. I'm pretty sure if you use them while it's raining, Wagstaff has a chance to get struck by lighting. Wearing a raincoat would prevent that.
  6. Ahhh I see. Soon enough we'll see his googly eyes in all their glory.
  7. Hmm, what about Wagstaff's goggles? They are still very low res compared to his character, and they even make his beard and stashe low res while wearing them (I assume the goggles change his entire face?)
  8. They migrate to and from the Volcano. If you follow them at the right times they will lead you straight to the volcano.
  9. For those who haven't figured it out, the whole "investigate" thing with Wagstaff's goggles works bascially the same way as a magnifying glass does. You investigate an object, determine if there's anything more to see, and then dig it up. Don't know the pool of items but at least 2 of them includes pig relics and a few trinkets. I got the pig relic when doing it in an RoG world. It also shows dangerous things like traps.
  10. The new flooring and wallpapers added in today's patch can't be crafted outside of Hamlet. Renovate tab when in RoG: I can see the old wallpapers but not the new stuff. Same world, but standing inside of a Hamlet house: Now I can see everything. If I got back to RoG they vanish again.
  11. I think figured it out: I couldn't see the new floors in walls because I was inside of a house in RoG. Seems like they only appear if in the renovate tab if the player is in Hamlet. I'll write a bug report.
  12. All files verified successfully. The plot thickens. EDIT: I just made a new world and bought a slanty and now I can see them. Still can't see them on my other world though.
  13. Is this on a new world from before this update by chance?
  14. I'm definitely in the beta branch, I can play the new characters and everything. But when I go to the wallpaper tab for example it's just the same 5 options as previously: Wood, Checkered, Floral, Sunflower, and Harlequin.
  15. I actually can't find these, just have the same selection as before the update.
  16. Just because it happened before doesn't mean it's okay to release something unfinished on a branch of the game that is supposed to be stable.
  17. The thing is, the "early access" thing doesn't apply to the QoL update. It was released to the main game branch with no testing. That buggy mess was released as a finished product.
  18. I remember this happened with Warly during the SW beta. Think they just need to re-export them at higher reses.
  19. Seems like Wagstaff and Wheeler's character art is at a much lower resolution compared to other characters. Really hard to see any detail in them whatsoever.
  20. Yes but they’re still in beta, the first phase ain’t even done yet. We still haven’t seen any of the seasonal change or bosses, and Wagstaff and the other new character are supposed to come out this month along with the entire DLC. A delay seems inevitable at this point, unless they manage to cram it all into one mega update this month.
  21. Yeah, normally I'm pretty patient with this, but even just a vague update on what's going on would help a lot. Hamlet is supposedly to release this month and we haven't even seen the first phase from March's update make it to live. It is a little worrying.
  22. I've had this happen to me multiple times, both the same crash and standing still bug.
  23. There'd probably have to be a special case for when the player is inside a house already when it starts.
  24. Vortex Cape drains at 20 sanity per minute. Not ideal for most characters to have on all the time unless you want to intentionally be insane 24/7, but for Maxwell his dapperness perk negates the drain exactly. Now, if only it wasn't so loud you can't hear other sounds.
  25. Vortex Cloak has a sanity drain rate of 20 a minute. Maxwell's dapper enough that he can wear it with no drain and potentially use it forever. Also, while the ambient sound it constantly makes while wearing it is cool, it's waaaaay too loud and overpowers most sounds in the game including music. Perhaps lower the volume?